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  1. Kevin Cross

    Channel Milestone 20,000 views

    So please I breached this last night!!
  2. Kevin Cross

    Other Milestone 350 uploads!!

    Finally I have managed to reach 350 uploads before the year is out. Onwards and upwards I hope!!
  3. Kevin Cross

    Channel Milestone 15000 Views

    I can't believe it I have just breached 15000 views!!
  4. Kevin Cross

    Answered https://www.channelreviews.com

    Hi Tubebuddy, I recieved an email today offering me a channel review through https://www.channelreviews.com which offered to me as a paid member of Tubebuddy for $19. It wasn't until I finished work today that I seen my PayPal Receipt for $49. Also it says on the channel review website that I...
  5. Kevin Cross

    Answered Retention Analyzer

    Is anybody else having issues with Retention Analyzer? I have tried running it on Firefox and also Chrome but keep getting an Error Message as follows: Error. An error occurred while processing your request. Any advice would be appreciated!!
  6. Kevin Cross

    Subscriber Milestone 2000 Subscribers!!

    I cant believe I have actually achieved this milestone next target 3000. Absolutely amazing feeling right now!!
  7. Kevin Cross

    Subscriber Milestone 1900 subscribers

    Cant believe my sons Channel is growing so quickly. Absolutely amazing!!
  8. Kevin Cross

    Subscriber Milestone 1800 Subscribers

    Can't believe in 4 days I have gained another milestone!
  9. Kevin Cross

    My sons latest Video

    At times it gets a bit hectic as a bunch of 8 year olds get excited about the Travis Scott Live event.
  10. Kevin Cross

    Subscriber Milestone 1600 Subscribers

    Again another great achievement! My son is getting very excited we just need more watch time before we can start to monetize through YouTube
  11. Kevin Cross

    Channel Milestone 7000 Views

    I am please that I got here for my sons channel. Onwards and upwards and hopefully it will become easier with TubeBuddys awesome tools
  12. Kevin Cross

    Completed Tool similar to Vid2Vid Promotion

    Before I found out about TubeBuddy I didnt really have an incline into SEO, Tags, e.t.c. One thing that I have been recommended to do is after my description to add 3 of my other videos in there to cross promote videos. As I have over 180 videos already uploaded before I found TubeBuddy, I have...
  13. Kevin Cross

    Channel Review After advice about my channel

    User name: Kevin Cross Title of thread: After advice about my channel Self review: I have a lot of editing to do for my channel after only installing tubebuddy. Probably 10-20 videos are optimised but I need to do another 160. I am experimenting with thumbnails so please tell me what styles...
  14. Kevin Cross

    Gaming Channel JVDMR7 YouTube account

    User name: Kevin Cross Title of introduction: JVDMR7 YouTube account Your name/ Alias: Kevin Cross Where are you from? England How did you find TubeBuddy? Google What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? To help my 8 year old son have a successful YouTube Channel What would you like to...