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  1. TanookiAlex

    Roblox MESSED UP..

    In today's video we talk about how Roblox messed up bad. View: https://youtu.be/2aPg7ot-5LM
  2. TanookiAlex

    Answered I think TubeBuddy is glitching out - please help

    I instantly keep loosing subscribers on the app and I don’t know why. My channel is TanookiAlex and it sits at 3.8k subscribers. I refreshed YouTube studio and it is the same. What is happening? I keep loosing a random amount that I think is supposed to be my views? This isn’t right
  3. TanookiAlex

    Work In Progress Subscriber Count On Mobile App

    I feel this is an unfinished feature. I think that the feature whilst checking comments needs to be improved. Under the username, it says "_ subscribers", however, this amount is limited to 0 subscribers. I'd like this to be improved so you can see the channel size/subscribers of the channel...
  4. TanookiAlex

    Answered How to obtain "star" badge?

    I have purchased the star package of TubeBuddy. Is there any way to obtain the star badge by having this package?
  5. TanookiAlex

    Let's make a never ending "Forum Sandwich!"

    So, here are the rules! We start with bread, and then add toppings! Each reply is a different ingredient. Example - Lettuce, Cheese, Tomatoes.