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  1. armed gunman

    Thumbnail Feedback How does photography work to convey feelings?

    Let's say a picture of a big old beautiful building shot from an interesting view angle. It looks amazing. But does photography has to convey feelings? Does the old building picture count as photography even if it doesn't convey any feelings whatsoever?
  2. armed gunman

    YouTube Question Bitrate recommendation for a good 1080p video uploads

    Hi all, It's been really frustrating for me to watch videos I uploaded to Youtube have such downgraded quality. A lot. I record my game footage on 1080 35Mbps. Still the quality is really bad. Even when I upload just some slideshow pictures! Do you have any recommendation to deal with this? Or...
  3. armed gunman

    Declined Video thumbnails or video preview on self promotion forum

    Hi all. I just joined Tubebuddy recently to grow my youtube channel. I've explored some of the forums here. One of them is the self promotion. I noticed that I had to click on the thread list one by one to see the post. Wouldn't it be nicer if the list presented has some thumbnail or small video...
  4. armed gunman

    Gaming Channel Music collabs for movies on Fortnite Save the World

    User name: armed gunman Title: Music collabs for movies on Fortnite Save the World Age: 36 Type of collaboration: Fortnite Save The World Amount of Subscribers: 24 Ways to contact you: Thread Reply. armed gunman#2223 Why should they collaborate with you: I make musical movies as the concept. I...