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  1. GearVlogz

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Video comments Translator request

    Would it be possible to add a comments translator feature? When someone leaves a comment on one of my videos and it is not written in my native language I find myself having to highlight the comments>copy it>open a new tab to Google Translate to read the message.
  2. GearVlogz

    Gear Advice iPad Pro Gen3 f/Mobile editing?s

    Been thinking of saving up to get an iPad Pro Gen3. Is anyone currently using an iPad Pro for video editing? How much storage do you have? I was thinking of getting the 64GB iPad Pro and using an external HDD for importing/exporting files. Also any recommendations for editing s/w on the...
  3. GearVlogz

    Subscriber Milestone Just reached 1 Thousand subscribers

    Like the title states. I just reached one thousand subscribers this morning.