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  1. J_SinistaProductions

    Other GMADE BUFFALO GS02F Christmas Giveaway Build!!!

    Folks, In collaboration with another YouTube Channel, we are doing a Christmas Giveaway build! We've already purchased a GMade Buffalo GS02F, along with all the electronics as well as a donation from a vendor of a custom set of all aluminum beadlock wheels! One lucky subscriber is going to...
  2. J_SinistaProductions

    Subscriber Milestone Keep On Moving!!! 45 Subscribers!!!

    Just hit the 45 subscriber mark!!!
  3. J_SinistaProductions

    Channel Milestone Views 1K, Oh Happy Day!!!

    Oh yeah, no stopping here! I’m enjoying learning how to record and edit more so than I am the reactions to my posts on YT.
  4. J_SinistaProductions

    Gear Advice Help with my set up

    Well that makes sense. You sound more like a power-user/pro when it comes to videography. I've read where you can confer GoPro .MP4 files to ProRes, and even though I don't use ProRes, I thought there was an option in Compressor to make this conversion. I have no idea when it comes to ProRes...
  5. J_SinistaProductions

    Gear Advice Help with my set up

    Really? What didn’t/don’t you like about the GoPro?
  6. J_SinistaProductions

    Channel Milestone Views 1K, Oh Happy Day!!!

    Another milestone hit! Yesterday 900 views, this morning 1,000!!! ☝This is really what keeps that content creation spark going!!!
  7. J_SinistaProductions

    Channel Milestone 900+ Total Views!!!

    WOW! One of my posts received 58 views today alone!!! I wasn’t expecting that at all!!!
  8. J_SinistaProductions

    Gear Advice Help with my set up

    I chose the Canon M50 route and I couldn't be more happy. In fact, I bought a second one as my run and gun cam and keep the main rig setup on a Tripod with a bunch of extras. When I upload my cycling videos (I use a GoPro Hero 8) and I have noticed that when I upload my videos, the footage...
  9. J_SinistaProductions

    Need Advice Once a DAY or Once a WEEK

    I've tried to post my content once a week or as needed. I see a lot of YT content creators state on their videos that they post once a week, on X day at X time. That works for some folks, but not everybody. Post on a consistent basis that works for you and the type of content you provide and...
  10. J_SinistaProductions

    Gear Advice What New Camera should I get?

    Canon M50...hands down!!! I liked this camera so much I bought two of them (I really like the 15-45 kit lens). One setup on my "filming" rig for my "studio" setup and the other to be used for B-Roll or on the go, away from the studio filming/pictures! BTW, I went refurb for both of my M50's...
  11. J_SinistaProductions

    Official How do I promote in the "Promote Yourself" Section - Get Your TubeBuddy Forum Badge

    I'm not sure I was given a forum badge??? Am I missing something???
  12. J_SinistaProductions

    Channel Milestone Woke up to this!

    That's what's up!!! GOALS!!!
  13. J_SinistaProductions

    Subscriber Milestone I got 20 subs in 2 weeks!

    Awesome!!! Keep putting' in that work and the results will speak for themselves!!!
  14. J_SinistaProductions

    Channel Milestone Uploads Milestones

    Awesome!!! Keep up the good work and push forward!!!
  15. J_SinistaProductions

    Channel Milestone 20 Uploads

    Congratulations!!! I also passed the 20 Upload mark today!!!
  16. J_SinistaProductions

    Channel Milestone 21 Uploads Hit Today!!!

    Another milestone hit, another step forward!!!
  17. J_SinistaProductions

    Subscriber Milestone Slowly and steadily finding my place

    Good job my friend! Keep on hustling your way up!
  18. J_SinistaProductions

    Channel Milestone 40/800

    Certainly not a lot, or a super huge accomplishment in comparison to other well-established channels, but this is great news for me!!! 40 Subs & 800 Views!!! Now, back to the hustle to build my subscriber base and keep this upward trend!!!
  19. J_SinistaProductions

    Technology Channel J. Sinista Productions - Providing Yet Another Vector For YouTube Viewership

    User name: J_SinistaProductions Title of introduction: J. Sinista Productions - Providing Yet Another Vector For YouTube Viewership Your name/ Alias: J. Sinista Where are you from? How did you find TubeBuddy? I've known about TB for some time now. Did my research before I started my own...