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    TubeBuddy Excellent Results

    Hi there I attached a file described the TUBEBUDDY results and I am don't understand why I get fewer views on that movie with excellent results. so why I need TubeBuddy for poor results. Thnks Dylen
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    TubeBuddy Ranking videos

    Hi there I am a subscriber to TubeBuddy since a year ago but never see the results I am expeting for. for an example yesterday I upload flight sim movie to my channel and I get until now only 4 views. my movie is only 10 minutes its like a short video clip from the best plane developer, I have...
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    TubeBuddy LOW VIEWERS

    Hi there, according to my TubeBuddy results I get less viewers to what I expect to. for an example I have Excellent weighted and very good unweighted but no more than 22 viewers. the results for my channel is 13 from 20 so. can TubeBuddy work if it dosn't bring the viewers. Thanks Dylen