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  1. Travel Interesante

    Pamukkale - Turkey's Cotton Castle

    Our video about visiting Pamukkale, Turkey (aka the Cotton Castle), a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This was a special one because it was both of our first times visiting. We beat the crowds and had Pamukkale's world famous travertines all to ourselves for over an hour! View...
  2. Travel Interesante

    Thinking of Visiting Turkey?

    Whether you wanted to plan a trip soon or right after this pandemic is over, we put together a guide, especially for first time visitors to make sure you have all the information you need to prepare to visit. Thanks for watching our guide on the things to know before traveling to Turkey! View...
  3. Travel Interesante

    Turkey's Summer Hot Spot - Is it Worth it?

    My wife and I visited a summer hot spot for many Istanbul residents, Cesme and Alacati, just outside of Izmir, Turkey. While not a well known spot to foreigners, there is plenty to see and do for a weekend getaway and we wanted to share some of its best spots that make it a worthwhile visit...
  4. Travel Interesante

    Turkey's Best Turkish Street Food Sandwich

    Turkey is just as much as its delicious food as it is about its history and beautiful places. When you these are some of the best street food sandwiches you can try, they're super affordable and super delicious! Thanks in advance for watching! View: https://youtu.be/8IHVeng2mjk
  5. Travel Interesante

    Thinking of Traveling to Turkey?

    If you were hoping to plan a list minute summer vacation/holiday and were considering Turkey, we have you covered. It is one of the few spots completely open to tourists and we share with you how everything you need to know about traveling to Turkey during the coronavirus and why we feel safe...
  6. Travel Interesante

    A Cheap Summer Holiday on Turkey's Beautiful Aegean Coast

    We visited another part of my wife's hometown in Turkey, Ayvalik and Cunda Island, across from the Greek island of Lesbos. Plenty of natural Aegean beauty at much more affordable prices compared to the Greek islands or more popular parts of the Turkish coast, we loved our time there and Turkey...
  7. Travel Interesante

    Turkey's Hidden Gems

    We finally ventured out into Turkey near my wife's home and explored the ancient city of Assos (Aristotle lived here before teaching Alexander the gReat), the Ida Mountains (Kazda─člar─▒ in Turkish), and Zeus' Altar, where Zeus watched the Great Trojan War according to the Iliad. These sports...
  8. Travel Interesante

    Channel Milestone 2,000 Subscribers and 125,000 Channel Views

    Thanks so much team Tubebuddy, we definitely would not be here as quickly without the tools provided to us, it has really helped push our channel growth.
  9. Travel Interesante

    Thoughts on Turkey and is it safe to visit Turkey right now

    Our latest video from Turkey, we got a lot of questions on Instagram asking about Steve's thoughts on Turkish food and culture, including whether he thinks Turkey is safe to visit right now or not. Thanks in advance for watching! View: https://youtu.be/ioq-bMn2Ikw
  10. Travel Interesante

    Life on a Turkish Beach Farm

    We have been living in Turkey for the past few months in my wife's home town in Turkey due to covid prematurely ending our world travel plans. We thank you in advance for watching my experiences living in Turkey as an American and experience life in a small Turkish Town, helping out on her...
  11. Travel Interesante

    Flying Home during the Pandemic

    The last video from our first chapter as world travelers, leaving Bali after Covid 19 was declared a pandemic and traveling home. Thanks in advance for the support! View: https://youtu.be/pYL9dCXDtJE
  12. Travel Interesante

    Alone in Bali Part 2

    Our latest video, this time exploring some of Northern Bali before realizing it was mostly closed and circling back to Bali's famous monkey forest and rice terrace in Ubud... all with almost no other tourists around. Thank you kindly all! View: https://youtu.be/w_OgZZYTlaY
  13. Travel Interesante

    Bali with No Tourists

    A follow up to our last video, we were in Bali right before the world started locking down due to the pandemic and had the most well known (and usually jam packed) tourist attractions almost all to ourselves. Enjoy! View: https://youtu.be/odNJNEVVFe8
  14. Travel Interesante

    Traveling During the Pandemic

    Hi all, back in mid March, right after covid was declared a pandemic we flew from Sydney, Australia to Bali and shared the experience along with just how empty the normally crowded Bali was at the time. Thanks in advance for watching and would love if you had any constructive criticism on how to...
  15. Travel Interesante

    YouTube Question Change in YouTube comment algorithm?

    I've noticed within the past week or so that YouTube has been more aggressively pushing down the "top liked" comments on both my videos and on videos from larger creators which we follow. I did a quick Google search and quick forum search here and cannot seem to find anything recent about a...
  16. Travel Interesante

    Vlog Channel A Great time to start as full time travelers, right?

    User name: Travel Interesante Title of introduction: A Great time to start as full time travelers, right? Your name/ Alias: I'm Steve and together with my wife Gokce, we are Travel Interesante Where are you from? We lived in New York City before starting to travel full time, but Gokce grew up in...