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  1. KS Moto Cafe

    TubeBuddy YT Sponsorship Scams

    Since posting this, I just wanted to update those following this thread that I have had few successful sponsored products sent to me and they were legit. I did find that for every 1 real company wanting to send me real products, there were about 5 fake companies phishing for info. I also had...
  2. KS Moto Cafe

    Video Research Making A Better Video | How to Improve Your Story

    The 3rd year being the breakout year is strictly from my own research within my niche - I should have specified that sorry. But here are some samples of where I get the raw data from. These channels are who I have been closely following within my niche because they are close to my production...
  3. KS Moto Cafe

    Video Research Making A Better Video | How to Improve Your Story

    This is sound advice but it only works if you achieve your own definition of success after those 5 years of work. As you mentioned later, you see this as a business with passive income and so do I. But my goals are a bit more aggressive or ambitious as that is who I am, I am competitive and my...
  4. KS Moto Cafe

    Video Research Making A Better Video | How to Improve Your Story

    I think that was the case 5+ years ago but now I find that mainstream media outlets have moved into YT since they now see the potential to make more money with shorter content. I now see way more celebrities, pro sport athletes, famous musicians, etc starting their own channels - managed and run...
  5. KS Moto Cafe

    Video Research Making A Better Video | How to Improve Your Story

    man... this is way harder to achieve than most people think. Sometimes I self-reflect by watching my own material trying to dissect if I did a good job telling a story from my POV (literally as I use a GoPro on my helmet). Then I go watch some of the more successful channels in my niche and see...
  6. KS Moto Cafe

    Subscriber Milestone Reached 53000 Subscribers

    well done! You have reached a pace that most of us wished we had. Great work
  7. KS Moto Cafe

    Need Advice Talking about subscriber goals

    only other youtubers care what other youtube channel has for subs. Which is why there is a milestone forum on this page so we can share our hard earned subs and be able to celebrate with those who understands the struggle. A regular viewer could care less about your channel's success and...
  8. KS Moto Cafe

    Subscriber Milestone Finally got that 2K badge + 300k views!

    Just hit 3k and 500k views this month!
  9. KS Moto Cafe

    Video Research Suggest me a top new content

    OP stop being lazy and do your own research. Asking a forum to suggest ideas for your channel is not a good method of research.
  10. KS Moto Cafe

    YouTube Opinion A Funny Interaction I Had

    That was an intriguing story Stanley! For awhile, I was shy about calling myself a YouTuber; mostly because I didn't want to deal with all the criticisms or judgement or eyerolling. But recently, as I started to feel more proud of my content and the business connections that I was able to make...
  11. KS Moto Cafe

    YouTube Help Sudden drop in views

    these are amazing results Macha. I wouldn't worry too much about the drops - sometimes youtube does its thing to give viewership opportunity to others before coming back to your channel. The important part is to make sure your average curve is still on the uptrend and I do this by just drawing a...
  12. KS Moto Cafe

    Subscriber Milestone Just Reached 90 Subscribers (In only 5 months!!!)

    Great work! The grind and hustle to first 100 is always memorable and special =D
  13. KS Moto Cafe

    YouTube Tips Targeting Audiences... There Is More Than One!

    So question about Patreon and YT Membership. When you mentioned that after 10 members, you will start doing monthly videos specifically for them. Are these videos still on YouTube but set to "unlisted" or "private" and you just give these members the link? I assume these videos will get ultra...
  14. KS Moto Cafe

    YouTube Tips The Value Of Your First 100 Videos

    This was a good read - it helped me understand my audience retention spikes and drops a bit better. I tried so many ways to improve the first 30 seconds drop in the last few uploads but sadly haven't found the cure. The only videos that survive with 70%+ retention after the first 30seconds are...
  15. KS Moto Cafe

    Lifestyle Channel Born to be wild

    Welcome fellow rider! Always nice to see more motorcycle YT channels!
  16. KS Moto Cafe

    Subscriber Milestone The Old Guy Scores Again! 15K Sub!

    lol I was like damn this guy got a full staff! Then I realized you got me hahaha congrats man!
  17. KS Moto Cafe

    TubeBuddy YT Sponsorship Scams

    Just as an update. One of the emails turned out to be real - a product sponsorship from Asia. I had to do a lot of digging of information to ensure the company was legit. Few clues that helped me realize that it was a real sponsor. 1. The company is in line with my niche 2. The email was legit...
  18. KS Moto Cafe

    YouTube Tips Mr. Beast: Quality over Quantity & TikTok

    I watched that podcast and it was extremely motivating and eye opening to see how the king of YouTube approaches content creating. I first thought his channel became famous and popular because he was just lucky but after watching the interview, I can now see how he got where he is now. This 23...