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  1. Theory Guitar

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnails!

    Ok, here are three different designs for thumbnails I might use in my next video. I want to change the photo of myself and put a glow outline but besides that. What do you guys think about them? Would you change anything? @MattCommand1
  2. Theory Guitar

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnail help!!

    Ok which one would you click on? I your answer is neither then how would you make them better. Thanks
  3. Theory Guitar

    YouTube Question Should I keep posting?

    Hey guys, so I recently posted asking about these reaction videos I was doing. I was averaging 13k per video and I was really excited. A few people said that I probably wasn't hurting my audience by making these videos so I continued to make the videos. In the last two week I decided to not post...
  4. Theory Guitar

    Fingerstyle Guitar

    View: https://youtu.be/bIvTlRTE5gM
  5. Theory Guitar

    Video Review Is this video engaging?

    User name: Theory Guitar Title of thread: Is this video engaging? Self review: I feel like this is a really good video. What do you think? Channel review or Video review? Video review Link to Video: View: https://youtu.be/KKc0Ms0J2zM Link to other review post...
  6. Theory Guitar

    The Lost design- Gibsons new "Theodore" Guitar

    View: https://youtu.be/KKc0Ms0J2zM
  7. Theory Guitar

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnail help.

    Should I add anything to this thumbnail?
  8. Theory Guitar

    YouTube Question I need help!

    Ok, so I put to an instructional video on Saturday. It quickly got a hundred views and overnight got to 1.3k. In the first day and 6 hours YouTube put out 13k impressions it has now been 3 days and it only has 14k impressions. The video was doing amazing averaging 75 views an hour and then...
  9. Theory Guitar

    Subscriber Milestone 500!!!!!!

    I think 1-500 in a few month's is good.
  10. Theory Guitar

    YouTube Question HELP, I need advice!

    Ok, so one of my friends who has a youtube channel does these reaction videos to Alip Ba Ta who is an Indonesion guitarist. He has grown his subscribers up to 11k with these type videos. He suggested I make a video reacting to Alip Ba Ta and I was like I am not really a guitar reaction channel I...
  11. Theory Guitar

    Video Review How is this video?

    User name: Theory Guitar Title of thread: How is this video? Self review: This one of my favorite videos I have made so far. What do you guys think? Channel review or Video review? Video review Link to Video: View: https://youtu.be/cfzEsAoLSk8 Link to other review post...
  12. Theory Guitar

    Video Review Is this video any good?

    User name: Theory Guitar Title of thread: Is this video any good? Self review: So I think this is one of my better videos but what do you guys think? is it too long? is it boring? Thanks for the help! Channel review or Video review? Video review Link to Video: View...
  13. Theory Guitar

    Channel Banner Feedback how about this banner??

    What does everyone think of this banner?
  14. Theory Guitar

    My Guitar Collection

    This us a video about my guitar collection!! View: https://youtu.be/spvr2pvxmIA
  15. Theory Guitar

    Channel Milestone Just hit 4000 views!!

    today I hit 4000 total views!!
  16. Theory Guitar

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnail

    Ok here we go again. What does everyone think? Words too small? Boring?
  17. Theory Guitar

    Thumbnail Feedback Ok, which thumbnail???

    OK which background looks better?? and would you add anything? Would you click on this?? Thanks so much for the help!
  18. Theory Guitar

    Answered What does this mean???

    OK so I was just researching a video in the keyword explorer and this popped up. I thought the keyword explorer came with the free version. What is the deal???
  19. Theory Guitar

    Answered SEO score Change

    OK so I hope this is the right place to post this but I have a video on my channel and I did keyword research on the title and the SEO score was 85 so I was like ok that's decent I think I will post it. Then today I decided to see if I could come up with a better title and I did but then my SEO...
  20. Theory Guitar

    Channel Review Please review my Guitar Channel

    User name: Theory Guitar Title of thread: Please review my Guitar Channel Self review: I am new to YouTube and I am not sure if my channel is interesting. If you guys would review it that would be great! Thanks Channel review or Video review? Channel review Link to channel...