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  1. Nothin' But Gadgets

    YouTube News YT now allowing Shorts creators to use YOUR content! Mind blown

    Just when I thought YT could not get any more crazier about their obsession with shorts, I see a new little addition to the advanced setting on the video upload page that YT has turned ON by default. NO, I am not joking. YT is giving our Long Form content away to Shorts creators. They have...
  2. Nothin' But Gadgets

    YouTube Question Analytics for the whole of YouTube?

    I would like to see daily analytics for the whole of YouTube. You know, kind of like you can see this for the whole of the stock market. Does such a place exist?
  3. Nothin' But Gadgets

    Subscriber Milestone 1000 subs on my newest channel! Woohoo!

    I just made it to 1000 subs a few days ago. Woohoo!
  4. Nothin' But Gadgets

    YouTube Question Worst August in my channel's history. Views crashing worst than January cliff! What is going on with YT?

    I have lost over 1/3 of my channel views in the last five weeks. Normally, July and August have been good months for my channel. For the past five years, July and August have always been growing months. Since I have changed nothing on my channel and have had zero other problems, I am guessing...
  5. Nothin' But Gadgets

    YouTube Question Google not indexing my video for some odd reason. Why?

    So. I produced a 4K quality 4th of July video for my local city display. I put it on my channel and did all the SEO for to the max using TB. I mean, it is ranked #1 under many common search terms on YT. It has been out since 7th and has gotten a lot of traffic from in YT and some FB post on...
  6. Nothin' But Gadgets

    Technology Channel New to the forum. Just saying HI!

    User name: Nothin' But Gadgets Title of introduction: New to the forum. Just saying HI! Your name/ Alias: The Gadget Man Where are you from? Texas How did you find TubeBuddy? Google What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Just wanted to connect with other Youtubers that use the TubeBuddy...