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  1. Pete A Turner

    YouTube News YouTube Subscriber Cull

    Not sure how many of you got hit in the past 24 hours, but YouTube just zapped 106 subscribers from my channel. Which is fine, these were obviously not true followers of my content...my other numbers have remained the same, so it's just some housekeeping...but YT claims I dropped by 106...
  2. Pete A Turner

    Answered Key Word Search For Self

    Here's a question--When I search my own name, my search ability has improved over time...but oddly, I don't come up in ways that make sense in the Keyword search tool. Most views? That could be me... Key Word in titles, sure that could be true, though it seems not enough. Description and in...
  3. Pete A Turner

    YouTube SEO BIDS Playlist Strategy

    Thanks to @andrewkan and @TubeBuddy Staff for the latest video on playlist tools, techniques and tactics. I'll be updating and editing my playlists over the rest of April. I'll follow Andrew's advice from the video and report back with results. For the most part my playlists get little if any...
  4. Pete A Turner

    YouTube Opinion Getting Back Out There

    When I built the Break It Down Show, part of what I wanted to bring to my audience was my experience as an Army spy. When I was deployed, I'd go out into town every day, and have conversations with people. It's simple to set up a home studio and have folks come to you...and now to just pop in...
  5. Pete A Turner

    Channel Milestone 1350 Uploads...

    More important next week I'll drop my 1000 episodes of the Break It Down Show. 1350 videos on YouTube is just a thing...but the 1000 episodes good grief that was a lot of work. I don't imagine any one here gives a damn about any of that...but I thought I'd share for that person who's looking...
  6. Pete A Turner

    TubeBuddy Tips Using ads and TubeBuddy Together

    I've done quite a bit of TubeBuddying this year. I've trying to sort out what works, what doesn't. I'll start by saying, I love TubeBuddy and the tools it offers. I've been polishing my channel and seeing results in all of the main quad categories.If you're considering using the service, DO...
  7. Pete A Turner

    TubeBuddy TubeBuddy Update

    I've been on TubeBuddy for about 90 days now. I thought I'd share some findings...I don't mean to represent this anything more than observational notes...there's not regression analysis or anything of the sort. I have over 1000 videos and I've been publishing for years on YouTube...I'm...
  8. Pete A Turner

    YouTube Question More on Google Ads

    With a head nod to the convo on https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/37511/ this thread... I've been working my channel through the TubeBuddy tools. I've got a lot of work to do still (big channel lots of videos)-and I will continue improving my content. Given that, I want to...
  9. Pete A Turner

    YouTube Question Channel Tags

    I'd like to update my channel tags. My show has a wide array of guests, some of world famous...other are unknowns. What are you thoughts on the best approach to optimize my channel tags? There's likely a video for this...but I didn't find it--apologies. If it's appropriate...I can share my...
  10. Pete A Turner

    Channel Review Doing a Sanity Check

    User name: Pete A Turner Title of thread: Doing a Sanity Check Self review: I've been updating my posts, being more thorough as I work to gather more of an audience on YouTube. My content resonates well through podcast channels...but YouTube? IDK I need to continue to improve how I offer my...
  11. Pete A Turner

    Opinion Jump Cuts Abound

    Just curious...jump cuts are common in YouTube videos. Why don't people fix these? How did jump cuts go from embarrassing/amateurish to common and acceptable?
  12. Pete A Turner

    Need Advice Priorities

    I'm a big believer in ID'ing goals, creating a strategy that sets a path...then using tactical steps to advance my strategy to the goals/outcomes. Sorry for the preamble...but I'm trying to clarify how I want to build my solution. I have a LOT of recorded and published content. I've been...
  13. Pete A Turner

    Entertainment Channel Former Spy turned Talk Show host

    User name: Pete A Turner Title: Former Spy turned Talk Show host Age: 51 Type of collaboration: I'm new to TB and collaborations. I'm glad to do a number of things. I absolutely love to have guest cohosts on my show. If you take a look at my channel and feel like there's something we could...
  14. Pete A Turner

    Answered Why Do Badges Matter?

    Is there some intrinsic value in badges in this community? I suppose I'm asking...should I target certain badges to accomplish an end? I'm likely missing something, so I thought I'd ask. This is all new to me.
  15. Pete A Turner

    Entertainment Channel Former Combat Spy Turned Talk Show Host

    User name: Pete A Turner Title of introduction: Former Combat Spy Turned Talk Show Host Your name/ Alias: Pete A Turner Where are you from? Orange County How did you find TubeBuddy? Serge the Creator What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I'd like to be more involved in the community. I...