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  1. Yours Truly

    Question Great Keyword, Terrible Outcome

    I posted a video that I was super excited about. They keyword scored 100/100, or very close to it, I can't remember exactly. All of the tags I used have really great keyword scores also. This video is getting a lot less views then my other videos did in the timeframe, and they have mediocre...
  2. Yours Truly

    Thumbnail Feedback How Is This Thumbnail?

    What do you guys think of this thumbnail? My video is titled "10 Trendy Amazon Room Decor Finds." Is this too simple? Should I add anything else?
  3. Yours Truly

    Thumbnail Feedback How Is This Thumbnail?

    What do you guys think of this thumbnail? My video is titled "10 Trendy Amazon Room Decor Finds." Is this too simple? Should I add anything else?
  4. Yours Truly

    Need Advice Average View Duration Dropping

    Hey all. I have been putting out a lot of videos lately, and I personally feel like they are great quality (well, great for me anyway) and well optimized. However, my views and average view duration have decreased dramatically. I've tried adding in B-roll and doing a few different things to...
  5. Yours Truly

    Video Review Am I Boring?

    User name: Yours Truly Title of thread: Am I Boring? Self review: How is this video? I try to be funny and entertaining, but I feel like I come across on camera as really boring. What do you think? If you stumbled across my video, would I make you want to watch more, or would you think I'm...
  6. Yours Truly

    Other Counting YouTube As a Business

    This is pretty off-topic, but I was wondering....What are the qualifications that you have to have to count YouTube as a business? Meaning, I'm not monetized on YouTube, but should I start saving my receipts for anything I pay for to make videos and count that as a business expense? Or do you...
  7. Yours Truly

    Other Milestone 6,000 Views!

    My channel has finally reached 6k views! Took a very long time but am finally here since I started my channel in May. Been consistently posting and taking YouTube seriously for 4 months.
  8. Yours Truly

    Thumbnail Feedback How Is This Thumbnail?

    How does this thumbnail look? My channel colors are pink, gold, and white, and I've been working hard on making all my thumbnails look similar. Can you read this okay?
  9. Yours Truly

    Gear Advice Best Camera for Vlogging?

    I'm looking for a new camera that is good quality for vlogging. I currently use my phone to film, but it doesn't have a stabilizer and it gets very shaky. Also when filming in stores or when walking around then it seems like my camera can't keep up with the changing scenery, and will make me...
  10. Yours Truly

    Question SEO Score/Keyword Explorer

    I'm using the SEO studio to work on my videos, and I have a question. It says that it has a 100% SEO score, and I think I found the best keyword that I could in the keyword explorer. (It was at like a 75/100 or something like that, and was the highest ranking of a term that I could think of.)...
  11. Yours Truly

    YouTube Question Channel Promotion Through YouTube Ads

    Has anybody promoted their channel through the YouTube Ads program? Does it actually work and bring more views/subscribers? I'm hesitant about spending unnecessary money on promoting through YouTube.....unless it works. I'm 78 videos in though with only 31 subscribers and getting a little burnt...
  12. Yours Truly

    Video Review How is this video?

    User name: Yours Truly Title of thread: How is this video? Self review: I love the topic of DWTS, and I did DWTS recaps all through season 30. My channel is mainly lifestyle, but I like to throw these in because I'm passionate about ballroom dance, but not knowledgeable enough for a separate...
  13. Yours Truly

    Channel Review The Little Life of Em Channel Review

    User name: Yours Truly Title of thread: The Little Life of Em Channel Review Self review: How does the overall asthetic of my channel look? I've recently started working on making my thumbnails look somewhat uniform (pink and gold color scheme). Do they look like they all are uniform? What are...
  14. Yours Truly

    Thumbnail Feedback How Can I Improve This Thumbnail?

    Any advice on how to make this thumbnail look more professional? I like the pictures, and I like the font, but it looks too busy. Can you give advice on ways I could make it look better?
  15. Yours Truly

    Question Help! I need Feedback!

    Ok, so for the life of me I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong to unlock the feedback section. I know the rules, I have read them SO MANY times to try and figure this problem out, with no luck. I have the 20 post minimum that I was told about to unlock it, and I have posted two different...
  16. Yours Truly

    Need Valentines Day Gift Ideas?

    Check out my video on Homemade Valentines Day Gifts for friends and family members! View: https://youtu.be/HShorXusxjE
  17. Yours Truly

    YouTube Question How Do You Overcome A Block in Creativity?

    I'm stumped! What do you do to keep from running out of video ideas? I made a list of video ideas but I feel super uninspired to do the less exciting ones. I've noticed that some of the other YouTubers I watch do pretty much the same thing time after time, but I don't know how to do that and...
  18. Yours Truly

    Answered Can't post in the feedback forum

    I'm trying to post in the feedback forum, but it keeps saying I don't have access. I have read the rules numerous times and I have made two different posts responding to other people's requests for feedback, and both have been approved. Am I missing another requirement that I need to post there?
  19. Yours Truly

    The Little Life of Em - My Channel

    Hello everyone! I'm so excited to be able to promote my channel: The Little Life of Em. On my channel I do a variety of lifestyle videos about life as a young adult in Texas. I hope you enjoy my channel, and I've been working hard to post videos on a regular basis...
  20. Yours Truly

    YouTube Help How To Get Views to Turn Into Subscribers

    I'm struggling to get views to turn into subscribers. I've had my channel going since May, and only have 25 subscribers. I have had a lot of really successful videos where I'm getting 200+ views, but not very many of the viewers subscribe. Any tips? I feel like my channel has good content, but...