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  1. Nothin' But Gadgets

    Life A feel-good story to make you smile

    Wow! You are a really good person Jungle. Thanks for sharing this story. You should make a video out of it.
  2. Nothin' But Gadgets

    YouTube Question Can you change the Email associated with your YouTube Channel?

    You can move a channel to another account but, at least in my case, it creates some complications. I created my channel under my personal gmail account, and when it took off, I decided I wanted it under its own dedicated gmail account that matched the name of the channel. I went through the...
  3. Nothin' But Gadgets

    Life You are valid! You are important!

    I just love this guy's video. :p:joy: View: https://youtu.be/hLpE1Pa8vvI OH, and this one too! :joy::joy: View: https://youtu.be/ejyiwvsdKWY
  4. Nothin' But Gadgets

    YouTube Opinion Dislike abuse issue & a better banning/block feature.

    I agree with you TRVlogs, that if a person dislikes something, they should be required to give a reason why. I think dislikes are more useful than likes, because it is through hearing what people do not like about our videos, that we can improve and get better. If people were required to give...
  5. Nothin' But Gadgets

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

  6. Nothin' But Gadgets

    Life You are valid! You are important!

    100% true and accrute. Perfectly put. Nothing else needs to be said. Unfortunately we live in a generation that got participation awards in school and expect that they should recieve constant praise and accolades regardless of their performance. These people will not like what you have said...
  7. Nothin' But Gadgets

    YouTube Question Should I change my channel name?

    I think you should. It is quite long and both Rachel and Micheal are names that have many variations on spelling, increasing the likelihood of misspelling. I like the Kitchen Gammer's recommendation of "R&M Adventures ". I also agree with Matt that Adventures is a little long. Choosing a...
  8. Nothin' But Gadgets

    YouTube Opinion Is it just me, or do Click Bait thumbnails make everyone angry?

    WOW! Yeah, this is a good example of what a Click Worthy thumb should look like. It is big and bold. Easy to see on a smartphone screen, and completely honest about what it is about. Great Job! I can't wait to see how all the people in favor of the clickbait thumb work up a sweat trying to...
  9. Nothin' But Gadgets

    YouTube Opinion Is it just me, or do Click Bait thumbnails make everyone angry?

    Jungle, you sound like a person of strong values and integrity to me. Like a person, I would like to know personally and call my friend, because I know that you will be honest with me and not blow smoke up my skirt like so many people do (and demand that others do for them) these days. I hope...
  10. Nothin' But Gadgets

    Thumbnail Feedback My thumbnails

    Both of your thumbs are way too busy. On a smartphone screen, the viewer will not be able to read or tell anything about the thumb. Lose the fancy font, use contrasting colors, and use no more than four words. Also, brighten up the background image.
  11. Nothin' But Gadgets

    YouTube Question Is this against the terms of service regarding porn? and how to report it?

    Click the three dots at the bottom right of the video box. Then click on Sexual Content.
  12. Nothin' But Gadgets

    Gear Opinion Im looking for a new Gaming keyboard!

    I did a review for the Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard you might find interesting and it is in your price range. Just to go to my channel to find the review.
  13. Nothin' But Gadgets

    YouTube Opinion Not gonna lie. I am pretty discouraged.

    Very well put. There is a serious problem with YouTube right now that no one seems to understand or want to try to identify. There seems to be a lot of resistance on this forum to anyone saying, "Something is wrong". The general vibe here is, "Stay Positive at all costs. Just close your eyes...
  14. Nothin' But Gadgets

    YouTube Opinion The Dislike Button and Why #BringBackDislikes is Stupid

    No truer statement has ever been written. The bar of acceptability has been buried beneath the ground so everyone can qualify with no effort.
  15. Nothin' But Gadgets

    YouTube Question What should I expect starting a channel with 0 subscribers?

    One thing I noticed is that you are not showing any subs when I view your channel or your videos. Do you have showing subscriber count turned off? As there have said, it is a slow grind to 100. I like your thumbnails. Make sure you have your channel branded and also make sure you ask for...
  16. Nothin' But Gadgets

    TubeBuddy Excellent Results

    You are producing content that is more palatable to YT's goals. In 2019, I was getting 80% of my traffic from Suggestions. Since June of 2021, that has dropped to 12%. I have not changed what I am doing. My videos follow a set pattern. Only the subject changes. I run several channels about...
  17. Nothin' But Gadgets

    TubeBuddy Excellent Results

    Exactly! Your stats here make me want to cry. It is basically showing that YT is NOT suggesting your video hardly AT ALL! This is exactly what I am talking about. Most of your views SHOULD be coming from suggestions because the overwhelming majority of ALL views on YouTube come from...
  18. Nothin' But Gadgets

    TubeBuddy Excellent Results

    It's like I said. From a business perspective, since TB cannot generate more views in most cases, it does not make economic sense. It does make some functions a little easier, but YT is making strides in that department too. I like TB for its research tools and recommendations. I am good enough...