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  1. Dimi

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Make it possible to draw winners amongst people who used my affiliate link

    *Since this is a feature request, I'll post it in this forum, but if it should be placed under "Affiliate" instead, then a mod is more than welcome to move the post. This suggestion can be seen as either 1 suggestion or 2 separate suggestions. What I would like: 1. It would be great if it...
  2. Dimi

    Affiliate Question Free Trial Affiliate URL

    Is the URL https://www.tubebuddy.com/freetrial?a=AFFILIATE ID still working? (AFFILIATE ID is where I put my personal affiliate ID - I just don't want to spam the forum with it).
  3. Dimi

    In Progress Tubebuddy and Grammarly

    What browser are you on?: Firefox Quantum 61.0 (64-bit) What Operating System (Windows / OS / Chrome)?: Windows 7, 64-bit What version of TubeBuddy? (Can be found on quicklinks menu): 1.45.118 Was it something that worked before and is broken now, or it has never worked for you?: The two plugins...