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  1. Eclecticstyle

    YouTube News Any live informative Youtube videos???

    Hi Guys Does anyone know of any upcoming live videos for the community? Ex: How to grow. How to engage, How to edit ......
  2. Eclecticstyle

    Need Advice Subs subscribe unsubscribe and so forth.....

    Does anyone or has anyone ever had issues with the numbers of subs going up then down, then up and back down ex: (peeps) subscribing and then unsubscribe? I find this annoying and wonder if it can be a glitch or truth be told ppl are just not finding my content informative.
  3. Eclecticstyle

    How-To Channel Recreating outfits or How to Style Videos

    User name: Eclecticstyle Title: Recreating outfits or How to Style Videos Age: 25-40 Type of collaboration: Style outfits using vintage clothing or thrift store finds Amount of Subscribers: 39 Ways to contact you: Email eclecticstyle.va@gmail.com or DM on IG electicstyle_ Why should they...
  4. Eclecticstyle

    Answered Setup your YouTube Subscriber button on your TubeBuddy forum account!

    How do I accomplish this? or is it automatic?
  5. Eclecticstyle

    How-To Channel How to style outfits using vintage and secondhand clothing

    User name: Eclecticstyle Title of introduction: How to style outfits using vintage and secondhand clothing Your name/ Alias: Jas or Eclectic Style is Fine :) Where are you from? NYC How did you find TubeBuddy? I came across TubeBuddy through suggested videos I was on the search for how to...
  6. Eclecticstyle

    YouTube Help Views but no Subscriptions

    A majority, actually most of my views come from my Instagram since I link and share whenever I post a new video. It seems that people are watching but no one is actually subscribing. Most of my subs are not watching my videos. I am not sure what the problem may be but it really makes me question...