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  1. ravindrajoisa

    Subscriber Milestone 9000+ Subscribers :)

    Wow.. Thank you, guys. It has been really slow growth. Just keeping the hopes alive, enjoying every milestone instead of just focusing on the 100,000 subs goal :)
  2. ravindrajoisa

    Subscriber Milestone 8000 Subscribers :)

    A big Thank you to TubeBuddy and all my subscribers. :)
  3. ravindrajoisa

    YouTube Tips Add CC and add different widely spoken languages

    It is good to add subtitles by first correcting the auto-generated subtitles. Once this is done.. add all the languages possible. I guess Tubebuddy has a limit of 24 languages for Legend members because I have a legend account and after adding 24 languages in a day, I got a message to wait for...
  4. ravindrajoisa

    Subscriber Milestone every steps count, 100 subscriber :)

    Good luck. Would like to see your post with 1000 subs soon :)
  5. ravindrajoisa

    Subscriber Milestone 10 Subs and Feeling Like A Boss

    :) I remember those days when I used to log in every morning to check the number of subscribers and that one increase in count used to motivate me to create more videos. Great work, have patience and keep uploading. :)
  6. ravindrajoisa

    Subscriber Milestone Just crossed 7,000 Subs

    I just happened to see the first video that I had uploaded a few years ago.. and it is like one of those No.. No.. No.. No.. Nooooo meme video.. It was more of a photo slideshow.
  7. ravindrajoisa

    Subscriber Milestone 6k and growing :)

    Honestly speaking, it is much easier to reach 1000 subs, than 4000 hours of watch time. Also, the $$ that you earn depends on where the viewers are. If my viewers are from US, EU region then the pay is much better than when compared to views from countries like India. Most of my views are from...
  8. ravindrajoisa

    Subscriber Milestone 6k and growing :)

    Thank you :) Next target to reach 10k. I am now using some of the paid services like Tubebuddy, Royalty free music, etc, and seeing some growth.
  9. ravindrajoisa

    Channel Milestone 200 Uploads :)

    Honestly speaking, my channel started to see some growth after uploading nearly 150 videos :D
  10. ravindrajoisa

    Answered Question on ranking

    Thanks a lot for the info. That's definitely helpful. :)
  11. ravindrajoisa

    Answered Question on ranking

    Here is a feature in Tubebuddy that I do not understand. Here are the steps: 1. Goto any YouTube video and to the right, under video tags click on "Show Search Ranking" 2. As you can see, the numbers shown in green are the seach rankings. 3. Now double click on that tag which saying rank 1 in...
  12. ravindrajoisa

    Subscriber Milestone 6k and growing :)

    Yeah, the first 100 subscribers took few years and I wasn't that serious. I mainly focused on Photography back then. It is only now that I am more regular and investing time and money on YouTube. Using paid music, Tubebuddy, etc. for better growth and I clearly see the difference. The growth has...
  13. ravindrajoisa

    Entertainment Channel I play free fire. I always upload video but not increase suscriber

    Went through your channel, as per some of the Top YouTubers, it took them approx 50 videos to gain the first 1000 subs. Even in my own case, to reach the first 1000 subs it took really long time almost 100 videos. Also, if I look at my first video and my current videos there is a lot of change...
  14. ravindrajoisa

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Comment Auto Translation Feature

    We get a lot of comments in multiple languages even though my content is in English. So, just to understand the comment that is written in a different language, I copy that and translate that in a browser. Is there a feature in Tubebuddy to translate the comments received. Manual or Auto...
  15. ravindrajoisa

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Subtitle Language Translation Limit

    Why is there a limit of 24 languages even for paid Legend members :( Can't this be removed based on the subscription type?
  16. ravindrajoisa

    Subscriber Milestone 6k and growing :)

    It took so many years to reach the first 1000 subs and hardly took 1/4th the time to reach this number :)
  17. ravindrajoisa

    TubeBuddy Suggestion A/B Testing results for Keyword Research

    Like how we have A/B Testing for YouTube Thumbnails, do we have something for Keyword research to see the results before and after updating the Keywords for existing videos? This is to see how the video is performing, say after 15 days or 30 days.
  18. ravindrajoisa

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Exclude YouTube Shorts from TubeBuddy Analysis and Reports

    When I see the reports like - Retention Analyzer etc, I see that most of them are YouTube shorts that I have uploaded. Honestly speaking, the analytics for Shorts is different and it doesn't make much sense to compare Shorts Vs Regular videos (even in youtube analytics). So, my feature request...