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  1. The Jungle Explorer

    Life Update to a thread I posted last month about a lost dog I found.

    Well, this story turned out so good, I just had to make a video out of it. View: https://www.facebook.com/100006943866430/videos/1980005222206392/
  2. The Jungle Explorer

    Life A feel-good story to make you smile

    Well, this has certainly been a strange week for me. Years ago, I had a dog that was my buddy. Her name was Shelby. She was a rescue from home that could not keep her. She lived to make me happy. One day I was called to jury duty and was gone all day. During the time I was gone she was...
  3. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube Opinion At Last! I am seeing a positive trend on all my channels.

    Well, as those of you know, that have seen my many threads about this subject since last July, my channel has been dying slowly in spite of my best efforts, and I am not the only one. Many tubers have been experiencing a very similar trend. The one thing some of you may not know is that I...
  4. The Jungle Explorer

    Subscriber Milestone The Old Guy Scores Again! 15K Sub!

    I would like to thank all those who helped me achieve this. My manager, my cast, my executive producer, my amazing editing team, my awesome camera guy, my SEO expert, and my great social media management team. You guys all rock! I mean, I know that you are all the same person and that is ME...
  5. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube Tips Is a stupid face on your thumbnail necessary to get lots of clicks?

    I have noticed a trend on thumbnails from leading tubers. This is the use of a stupid face or look. One of my favorite OG Tubers is Derrel Eves. This guy has thirty Gold Button channels under his belt. I just grabbed a screenshot from his channel home page. Here is a screenshot from the...
  6. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube Question Let's compare! Suggested Videos! 2020 vs 2022

    Okay. I have been going through my analytics trying to understand why my channel is just in a free fall. For seven years, up until July of 2021, my channel had seen a steady 300% annual growth rate in viewership. Since July of 2021, I have seen a 60% drop and am now below 2020 levels. One area...
  7. The Jungle Explorer

    SECRET HACK! How to add a Red Dot on Hunting Action Video!

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfREU1UHtAI
  8. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube Opinion What are everyone's feelings about asking for crowd support?

    I am interested in hearing what everyone's feelings are about moving towards a crowd-supported channel? I have seen channels that talk about people supporting them directly through monthly subscriptions. I would like to get some feedback from people that have tried this or are doing this, or...
  9. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube Opinion YouTube's 2022 Blog. Disappointing!

    Well, I just read the 2022 YT blog that was posted early in February. I got to say, it was disappointing. Pages and pages of meaningless pomp, and not one word that applies to the bread and butter channels that made YT and why the majority of viewers still use YT. I have nothing against...
  10. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube Question Trouble with comments on YT

    Is anyone else having trouble with YY comments? I have two problems. The YT studio app refused to clear out notifications. Even if I go in and clear them out manually, they just come back. Another problem is in a browser. When on YouTube com, not YT studio, and I click on the notification bell...
  11. The Jungle Explorer

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Feedback and Suggestions for Canned Responses

    I recently decided to respond to all of my historic comments that I have never responded to because I am tired of seeing them in my feed and YT has no other way of dismissing them. For the last week, whenever I have a little time, I have been using it to respond to comments. I use multiple...
  12. The Jungle Explorer

    Life What to do when you have a G.I. Virus!

    So, you may have noticed that I have not been very active on here this week. :party::party: I know ya'll missed me a lot. :p Well, you will all be happy to know that I survived a bad G.I. Virus . Well, I am not completely over it but I am getting better. I was pretty sick and not able to do...
  13. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube Question To post, or to not to post? That is the question.

    Okay. I am not a huge fan of Shorts (as some of you know all too well). However, my granddaughter did something on camera that, I am sure would go viral as a short and I am tempted to post it on my channel even though it is completely out of my niche. I have already done some posting in...
  14. The Jungle Explorer

    Movies/TV Creating a channel around vintage commercial content

    So, I have been converting some old 8mm takes to digital and ran across some vintage outdoor sports related content recorded from TV or cable (not sure which one). I searched around the web to see if this content was already online somewhere and to my surprise, it is non-existent online. The...
  15. The Jungle Explorer

    Video Research Research Hack! Have you ever wondered where your videos have been shared?

    Have you ever wondered where your videos have been shared? Years ago, I got a bunch of traffic from a Other Source that analytics did not show. Someone was sharing my videos, but I could not see where they were sharing them. This sent me on a journey to find a way to track down exactly where...
  16. The Jungle Explorer

    Food Just for laughs :joy::joy:

    I am old, okay. I remember when I was a kid and my family wanted to have a picnic in the park, it did not cost a week's paycheck. We ate store-brand bologna, imitation processed cheese food product slices, off-brand white bread, and generic brand mustard. The whole family could eat for under...
  17. The Jungle Explorer

    Thumbnail Feedback I thought this thumbnail would kill it. Was I wrong?

    In my last video, I did a lot of research trying to come up with a thumb that would generate a high CTR. My latest video was about a vintage air rifle, so I did some searching on youtube for videos about air rifles. I then used the video with the most views as a format to create the thumb for...
  18. The Jungle Explorer

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Comments management tool

    Comments are a huge part of being a YouTuber, and yet, YouTube has almost no bulk management system to handle comments. You have to deal with each one individually. One thing that has always bugged me is that there is no way to mark all comments as READ, or in this case, Responded to. Some...
  19. The Jungle Explorer

    YouTube Question How to clear old comments I have not responded to from my To-Do list without responding to them?

    I have had a youtube account since 2006 (for hosting videos), but I did not actively start managing my channel until 2016. I have hundreds of comments that are many years old that I have not responded to. Today, I respond to every comment, but I do not want to respond to comments that I failed...
  20. The Jungle Explorer

    Video Research What's your 2021 channel CTR?

    Everybody, post a picture of the CTR for their whole channel for the year of 2021 and let's see who is got the highest. I'll go first