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  1. Flufffinger

    Subscriber Milestone 1,000 Subscribers on my drone channel

    Thank you to all my viewers and everyone who has helped my channel to reach the 1,000 subscriber milestone. Started the year (about three months ago) on just about 100 subs, so I am chuffed people have been enjoying my content. All the best in all of your own YouTube endeavors! Simon
  2. Flufffinger

    Subscriber Milestone Reached 500 subscribers, and had a lot of fun so far :)

    Just last week my channel reached 300 subscribers so I definitely was not expecting to hit 500 so soon! It has certainly been hard work to make my videos interesting. And of course, TB has been a big help with identifying the best keywords. However, the fact that people do seem to be enjoying...
  3. Flufffinger

    Answered TubeBuddy Year In Review seems bugged.

    Good day. I was looking forward to using this feature when I found out about it (Year in Review), sadly it isn't working right. https://www.tubebuddy.com/YearInReview/Start Instead of creating a year in review for 2020, it is calculating January of 2021 and only Jan 2021 (while still calling...
  4. Flufffinger

    Subscriber Milestone 300 Subs! Thanks TubeBuddy!

    Started the year at 100 subs, less than one month later have just crossed over 300! A good part of that growth was down to this community and TubeBuddy for teaching me how to get the most out of the YouTube algorithm (by focusing on watch time and keywords). Thank you to my subscribers! Simon.
  5. Flufffinger

    Vlog Channel Hi, I am Simon & I have a new drone channel!

    User name: Flufffinger Title of introduction: Hi, I am Simon & I have a new drone channel! Your name/ Alias: Simon Where are you from? United Kingdom How did you find TubeBuddy? I have been using TB for a while now with another channel, but I really wanted to start doing something new. I...