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  1. Judo Cruise Gaming

    YouTube Question Forming an LLC for YouTube?

    I recently became eligible for monetization on YouTube which is AWESOME! I would like to sign up for monetization using an LLC. My question: I already have an LLC for a digital marketing business that I don't use anymore. Can I use my current digital marketing LLC to sign up for YouTube...
  2. Judo Cruise Gaming

    My Newest Video! Binding of Isaac: How to Unlock the Forgotten

    Let me know if you watch it what you think!
  3. Judo Cruise Gaming

    Answered Search Explorer keyword metrics changing drastically?

    A couple weeks ago the search volume for a certain keyword was Excellent and the overall keyword rating was Excellent with a score of 76. Today the search volume is Poor and the overall rating is Good with a score of 47. I started making videos based off keyword research I did with TubeBuddy...
  4. Judo Cruise Gaming

    Answered Promotion/20 Posts Question

    It says you need 20 Posts to post in the Promotions forum area. My question is, do replies count, or is it just brand new threads you create (like this one)?
  5. Judo Cruise Gaming

    Gaming Where to find cool PC games besides Steam?

    Been a console gamer until recently. Steam is pretty awesome, but I know there are tons of other places besides Steam to get PC games. Where else should I try? Mainly interested in finding fun games that aren't on Steam for whatever reason
  6. Judo Cruise Gaming

    Gaming Any Roguelike Fans Here? Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gungeon, etc

    Roguelike bullethell is kind of my favorite genre. Anyone else a fan of Roguelikes?
  7. Judo Cruise Gaming

    Subscriber Milestone 2 Subscribers!

    I read the rules post, it said to start at 1 subscriber for a milestone, but I consider 2 subscribers more of a milestone for some reason. Anyway, here's to getting 2 subscribers! On the road to 25 subscribers.
  8. Judo Cruise Gaming

    Gaming Channel New Gaming Channel with How To Videos for Roguelike Games

    User name: Judo Cruise Gaming Title of introduction: New Gaming Channel with How To Videos for Roguelike Games Your name/ Alias: Judo Cruise Where are you from? Indiana How did you find TubeBuddy? Youtuber named Cathrin Manning What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Wanted to meet other...