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  1. JRocksPRT

    YouTube Tips Best Practices for End Screens and Cards

    One best practice with the cards I learned from Nick Nimmin is to only add them in the last 20% of your video so you don't draw the retention away from the current video. I made this mistake on a couple by putting a card up way too soon. The one exception to that might be a video that has a...
  2. JRocksPRT

    YouTube Question Is it a copyright violation to do art tutorials of brands/characters (i.e. Disney characters)?

    My channel is painted rock tutorials, and I consider myself more of a chronic doodler than an artist. ;) In the rock painting world, people love doing their favorite characters and brands (like Disney or comic characters, for example). I'm currently not monetized, but am trying to follow all the...
  3. JRocksPRT

    YouTube Help Giveaway Goof--Need Help!

    Wow, thank you all SO much for the feedback. It sounds like it's better to just stay away! Now that I have an Instagram/FB page set up, I think there are some other fun ways to interact with people like polls, stories, etc. Considering all the legalities, do you think I should remove the...
  4. JRocksPRT

    YouTube Help Giveaway Goof--Need Help!

    That's a great suggestion...I never even thought to just move on! lol I'm not sure this was a huge draw for subscribers, but it did up my engagement by asking them to comment (I don't get a ton of comments thus far, or they're happening outside YouTube because they are shared in several...
  5. JRocksPRT

    YouTube Help Giveaway Goof--Need Help!

    Hi everyone! I'm new here and have a newish channel with kindness rock painting tutorials. A couple weeks back I tried out a couple new products (the rocks I painted on and paint pens) and the result was pretty cute, so I thought why not do a giveaway to try and shake things up. I researched all...
  6. JRocksPRT

    YouTube Question How many videos did your posted before getting 100 subscriptions?

    It was after my 17th video and about 5 months in. I didn't actively start paying attention and putting effort into growing until about 2 months into the process.
  7. JRocksPRT

    Instagram Promotion on instagram

    I seem to be having a reverse situation from many of you. I hit my 100 YouTube subscribers about 10 days ago and decided to create both an Instagram and a FB page to help promote. Even though Facebook has better/easier tools and ways to do things, that page is only liked by my friends and...