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  1. sjs94704

    YouTube Help Advanced settings issue

    I see videos on YouTube about setting up my channel and there is one setting in Advanced Settings that says: 'Allow my channel to appear in other channels recommendations' However, when I go to the advanced settings of MY channel, the ONLY 2 options are: I go to settings I then go to Channel...
  2. sjs94704

    In Progress Having trouble navigating TubeBuddy

    User name: sjs94704 Title of thread: Having trouble navigating TubeBuddy Request Type Other Explain your issue: When I first log onto TubeBuddy I am able to go to either forums or a lot of other parts of TubeBuddy. My issue is, once I get into the forums section I have no idea how to get out...
  3. sjs94704

    Community Where can I get FREE art for my YouTube videos?

    I am an amateur singer and I make my own music videos at home. Many of the songs I sing are 4 to 6 minutes long and while I have 4 webcams recording me, I would like to include photos in my videos too so that people are not just looking at me every moment. My songs are not fast paced songs...