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  1. Sageofwargaming

    Pokémon Battle Styles Pre-release! We got a VMAX!

    Latest video
  2. Sageofwargaming

    Other Morning

    Good morning
  3. Sageofwargaming

    Opinion Want to grow your channel fast?

    Thanks for sharing, this was a helpful reminder to continue learning.
  4. Sageofwargaming

    TubeBuddy How did you find us at Tubebuddy?

    How did you find us at TubeBuddy? I found Tubebuddy by seeing peoples milestone goals on a reddit page. Were you searching, watching videos, etc? I watched a few videos on it and figured it wouldn't hurt to try it. What made you actually install? I want to try to make as many connections as...
  5. Sageofwargaming

    Other how is everyone day going?

    My day is great so far.
  6. Sageofwargaming

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

  7. Sageofwargaming

    Gear Question What would you buy if....

    I would buy a new camera lens first, then maybe a better microphone, then better lights.
  8. Sageofwargaming

    Food So what's your favorite food?

    I like ramen, there are hundreds of flavors I like trying all the different ones.
  9. Sageofwargaming

    Channel Review I do a Sewing commentary series on my channel and have no clue if it's realistically any good.

    I watched a few of your videos, and so far I like it. I've been in a love hate relationship with sowing for a while ware I try to learn it but I end up forgetting about it. But from what I see you have good titles and thumbnails, and if you enjoy making the videos keep making them eventually...
  10. Sageofwargaming

    Food Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream?

    Mint Chocolate Chip!
  11. Sageofwargaming

    Gear Question Are you a Mac, or a PC?

    I've always had a pc i never really tried macs before.
  12. Sageofwargaming

    Life Hardest item to find

    Right now Pokémon cards are very elusive.
  13. Sageofwargaming

    Food Losing weight

    Honestly the meal doesn't matter all that much its the caloric intake of the food. But I'm a fan favorite of ants on a log. Just celery and peanut butter with raisins, my kid loves it too.
  14. Sageofwargaming

    Life Weird stuff your kid/infant does

    My 9 month year old will only drink her bottle if she has her legs raised all the way in the air.