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  1. Avocado

    YouTube Help Does Youtube Shorts allow link to full video?

    I agree, another reason is nobody has screens that are up and down (verticle). Most people watch movies, music videos, etc on a widescreen (horizontal) screen. My dad says tiktok is like Vine, then Twitter bought them and closed it down for some reason.
  2. Avocado

    Other Anyone Having Problem over Discord?

    Working fine for me. :)
  3. Avocado

    YouTube Question So how do you get back into making content after being busy with other priorities?

    I just took a year off for school and family. I came back to open arms, my fans were soooooo happy I was back! I am happy too! I made it a HUGE deal and doing a few surprises, so not just a return, but a return with TONS of surprises and goodies. Hope this helps!
  4. Avocado

    YouTube Help Does Youtube Shorts allow link to full video?

    I am still on the fence with the youtube shorts, its a copy of tiktok and now facebook is doing it. I created a whole new channel to do youtube shorts. I feel it's a little spammy to put in my main channel.
  5. Avocado

    YouTube Help getting stared with YT

    Tubebuddy is a great browser add on, be sure you download it!
  6. Avocado

    My Hometown of Fountain Hills, Arizona

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-p3GZ__8_jc Welcome to my hometown of Fountain Hills, Arizona! Come explore our HUGE fountain that goes up every hour on the hour from 9am to 9pm and reaches up to 560 feet high! Watch as I visit many of the statues and exciting sights around town! I hope...
  7. Avocado

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    My latest video! I have been told it is my BEST VIDEO too! View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJDo3jLFUWU
  8. Avocado

    Poop on a Canoe?

    lol you said poop
  9. Avocado

    YouTube Tips Are intros a waste in the video?

    I just use a title page, lasts about 5 seconds with music. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJDo3jLFUWU
  10. Avocado

    YouTube Question Did Youtube change the End Screen length option?

    Yeah, that is where I had the problem. I used to be able to fade in and it would last 22 seconds, with that 2 second fade in. hmmmmmmmm
  11. Avocado

    YouTube Question Did Youtube change the End Screen length option?

    Hey everybodyyyy! Did Youtube change the End Screen length option? My end screens were usually 25 seconds to account for the "dip to black" effect. Now they limit it to no longer than 20 seconds. I haven't made a video in awhile, so I am curious if anyone has noticed this change or am I cWaZy!
  12. Avocado

    Automotive What is your dream car

    My dream car is a tour bus! With a decal of ME! So I could travel around and make videos everywhere! lol
  13. Avocado

    YouTube Question Best time to post

    My target audience is mostly families and adults who love puppets. :)
  14. Avocado

    YouTube Question Best time to post

    Youtube analytics tells you the best days and time of days under Audience (with tubebuddy). Here are mine.
  15. Avocado

    YouTube Question Does Reddit promotion worth it for youtube in 2022

    It may bring in a little bit of views, but not many. I just posted my latest video on Reddit and the numbers were low, I got more from twitter and facebook.
  16. Avocado

    YouTube Question YouTube videos

    Once I started making longer videos, my subs and views went up.
  17. Avocado

    YouTube Question Google Adwords

    Google ads for videos do not count towards the "4,000 watch time hours". I wish I knew this before my dad did them way back when.
  18. Avocado

    YouTube Question How many subs do you think you can get by 2023

    I wish I could get to 100k! But stuck under 25k for the past year. I had to take a break, but now I am back! My latest video I am going to a themepark and it was so much fun, I hope I can do more fun videos like this one.
  19. Avocado

    Theme Park Fun! Visiting Castles N' Coasters Theme Park in Arizona!

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJDo3jLFUWU NEW VIDEO!! What better way to start the summer than going to the BIGGEST theme park in Arizona, Castles N' Coasters! Watch me go on rides, play games and HAVE THE GREATEST DAY EVER! LOL! Enjoy! #CalesCoasters #ThemePark #SpreadTheAvocado
  20. Avocado

    YouTube Opinion filming in public

    When you are a puppet like myself, you tend to get a crowd. Then all of a sudden I have an audience! It actually fuels me a bit, and I try much harder to perform!