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  1. Damon

    Channel Review Is my channel dying slowly?

    Read "How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck" by Steve Stockman three times, and do everything it says. That alone has the potential to transform your channel. This book transformed my channel. [NOTE: This is not an affiliate link.]
  2. Damon

    YouTube Tips A Deep Dive Into Increasing Sub Growth

    Yeah, the math doesn't check out at all. If the YouTube average is 3 to 5 subs per 1,000 views, then at 9,000+ views should gross 27 to 45 subscribers. That's about a 1/3 to 1/2 of what they should be getting. Am I missing something? Did I get the math right? I am the world's worst number person.
  3. Damon

    YouTube Question Research Tab?

    Yeah, that's what I've noticed. Doesn't help at all with longtail keywords, nor does it give you any real insight as to what's going on.
  4. Damon

    YouTube Question Research Tab?

    Looking at my analytics, I see a new Research tab. Has anyone noticed or used this?
  5. Damon

    YouTube Tips The Value Of Your First 100 Videos

    I have no idea how I missed this article. Solid information.
  6. Damon

    Cane Poll Cat Trolls!

    View: https://youtu.be/P1uEqnreVc4
  7. Damon

    YouTube Tips what brands to reach out for sponsorships?

    The best thing is to make a list of everything you use for your channel, then approach those companies.
  8. Damon

    YouTube Tips A Deep Dive Into Increasing Sub Growth

    Yeah, that's why I go for a passive CTA. It has worked well for me. Again I'm trying to make every fishing adventure a documentary film. An active CTA ruins the film. Note TV and movies have no problem selling merch with completely passive CTAs. Can't tell you the number of times people said...
  9. Damon

    YouTube Opinion HELP!

    No offense, but if your forum handle is "Innovative Creator," should you have already figured that out?
  10. Damon

    TubeBuddy Tips can i do make More Views?

    Yeah, you gotta make videos people want to watch. If no one likes your content, then it won't matter how many tricks and hacks you use, you're still left with a video that no one wants to watch.
  11. Damon

    YouTube Tips Targeting Audiences... There Is More Than One!

    I have noticed the same thing. In some way subscribers maybe the worst thing to happen to the platform. In reality it's helps you properly segment your audience. As a fellow fishing channel, my subscribers only want to see on the water footage. Those videos always get in the top 3 of 10 on the...
  12. Damon

    YouTube Opinion Quality issues slowing me down.

    DSLRs are horrible for shooting video.
  13. Damon

    Cursed be the wind above all things!

    View: https://youtu.be/uGhnsSpNWC4
  14. Damon

    YouTube Question Should I keep posting?

    That's up to you. It's your channel. You alone have the authority to make creative decisions about your channel.
  15. Damon

    YouTube Question Should I delete my old videos that have low views

    Man, that's sad about the jealous friend. Envy is a deadly sin to say the least.
  16. Damon

    Need Advice What other ways do you monetize without YTPP?

    I make and sell my own fishing tackle.
  17. Damon

    YouTube Tips Is it worth it to fake views?

    Not to mention getting your channel such down if YouTube finds out you're rigging views.