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  1. Ufri

    Hi everyone I just up an video

    Hi everyone I have new video. May you like my video or you have a critical for my video. This video is combined from an real life and fiction film. Please correct View: https://youtu.be/yWHOE7YIxuE
  2. Ufri

    The first time I created my channel I had 7 subscribers.

    How many are your first-time subscribers who make you incredibly proud?
  3. Ufri

    Video Review Movie storyline

    User name: Ufri Title of thread: Movie storyline Self review: Limited this video in making a rework. I'm really trying to be better. What do you think is the booster for this video for the bad Score? What do you think about the thumbnails for this video? Does my voice interfere when reviewing...
  4. Ufri

    Need Advice External audience

    Is it possible for the external audience to provide watch hours
  5. Ufri

    Need Advice My subscribers has reached the target but the broadcast time is still below 2000

    Does anyone know how to chase watch hours target
  6. Ufri

    Music Channel Re-uploading fair use,

    User name: Ufri Title: Re-uploading fair use, Age: 34 tahun Type of collaboration: How to use proper fair use Amount of Subscribers: 1200 Ways to contact you: Email: ufri1212@gmail.com Fb: wewe Why should they collaborate with you: I'm a beginner youtuber, my channel name is Bujang Paris...
  7. Ufri

    Music Channel New Minang song

    User name: Ufri Title of introduction: last Minang song Your name/ Alias: Ufri Where are you from? Indonesia How did you find TubeBuddy? From advertisements on YouTube and ads on Google What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I want to share the joy of developing music What would you like to...