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  1. Ragulsundaram

    Gaming Channel I’m here to create

    Great answer. Many people would say they are here to make money. Love creation.
  2. Ragulsundaram

    Lifestyle Channel Sagittarius Lovers | Bestfriends | Wifes

    Hey hi welcome to the community. Glad to have you here man
  3. Ragulsundaram

    YouTube Networks How It's Work

    Can you specifically ask me what exactly you want to know about?. You wanna know about how the tool work or how this forum work?
  4. Ragulsundaram

    Vlog Channel I am a Indian Family Vlogger

    wow Family vlogger? That is a great Idea. Good luck with your channel.
  5. Ragulsundaram

    Life What do you guys do for a living?!

    I have just completed my engineering degree and I have joined a Software company as a Digital Marketer.
  6. Ragulsundaram

    Thumbnail Feedback Any Feedback? (UPDATED)

    Thumbnail is great but the quality of the PNG you have added is of low quality. Try to choose better quality months.
  7. Ragulsundaram

    Opinion Currently what is your favorite Youtube Channel?

    I love MR.Beast a lot. His Idea is great and he is one of those guys who beat the youtube algorithm
  8. Ragulsundaram

    Gaming What is the scariest game you've played?

    I haven't yet played such game. But if you suggest anything like that I will surely try it out.
  9. Ragulsundaram

    Gaming What your favorite game?

    This might feel childish but I love Clash of Clans
  10. Ragulsundaram

    Educational Channel zoro soft

    I would love to support can you tell me what are the contents you cover?
  11. Ragulsundaram

    Entertainment Channel To promote our channel

    I love to collaborate with you, but my channel demographics don't subscribe I think
  12. Ragulsundaram

    Other How are temple festivals celebrated in Tamil rural areas?

    Dei it is superda. But due to corona, there are restrictions now.
  13. Ragulsundaram

    Official TubeBuddy Title Ladder! (Earn a FREE TubeBuddy Upgrade)

    Have anything changed between the time I was offline?. I thought the legend upgrade was with 1k posts.
  14. Ragulsundaram

    Entertainment Channel hellow, welcome to our channel @passion tv , subscribe, like and share for entertainment updates

    That is one hell of a dream man. A CEO. Damn Work hard and you can be one. If you do become on please give me a job too.
  15. Ragulsundaram

    Entertainment Channel mabutintv30

    Glad you found this tool. This will certainly help you earn money. But my suggestion is do youtube because you love it not to earn money. Money is just a side product.
  16. Ragulsundaram

    Music Channel Shalom Peace Wellbeing

    There is a lot when it comes to Tubebuddy tools. Go around explore. If you have any doubts. we are here.
  17. Ragulsundaram

    Community Channel Hi everyone glad to join TubeBuddy Community

    You cannot learn what youtubing is. See other creators but don't copy them. Create your own world and you will succeed in youtube. All the best.
  18. Ragulsundaram

    Entertainment Channel Animation Distributor Studio

    Great animator from India. Nice to have you here Keep up your good work
  19. Ragulsundaram

    Gaming Channel Italian streamer, citybuilder and strategy/simulation games lover

    Hey Glad to have you here. What are the types of games you stream??