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  1. Live Polarex

    Forum Milestone have now 25,000 THOUSAND-VIEWS MILESTONE

    Ps. the Left telescope is found in forest
  2. Live Polarex

    Subscriber Milestone yesss have now !!!! 85 sub black and white photo ?

    hi my telescope show is gowing good now !!!! these beautiful telescopes are no longer made ? have very rare telescopes thank you have now 85 Subscribers soon come new video you see black and white photo I now own this incredible telescope
  3. Live Polarex

    Food What is The Best Donuts

    in the old days i make Donuts for big companies and supermarkets ... YES ME TOO glazed donuts are very yumie and i can eat cold or warm or no glazed on the donuts every days i eat donut can't resist them ..haha
  4. Live Polarex

    Other What editing software do you guys use?

    For me is ((( PowerDirector ))) paid version is the best for me very easy and good
  5. Live Polarex

    Movies/TV Do You have a favourite YouTuber?

    yes is a few ???? favourite fun to see Ericsurf6 is food show in japan https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYraBfUqw2O6qeNYRowX4UA Mark Wiens food show world https://www.youtube.com/c/MarkWiens Dave Trott Telescopes https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtDW0-sHft3ySqQXKXqRkbg/videos
  6. Live Polarex

    Life info over polarex unitron Telescope (( you never never heard of it )) mind-blowing

    Hi there Am a big fan of this very interesting telescope ... this telescopes they don't make it not anymore ? the 9 inch was restored in the netherlands .. this is mind mind-blowing link--> https://www.unitronhistory.com/user-stories/polarex-unitron-model-900/ you can see me on youtube thank...
  7. Live Polarex

    Forum Milestone have now 25,000 THOUSAND-VIEWS MILESTONE

    yes put lot of fun in it hahaha ? where are you from ? thank you
  8. Live Polarex

    Forum Milestone have now 25,000 THOUSAND-VIEWS MILESTONE

    have 25,000 thousand views if you like old Vintage telescopes this is the place
  9. Live Polarex

    Subscriber Milestone Have now 80 Subscrbers wow

    Thank you Tube-Buddy ❤️
  10. Live Polarex

    Subscriber Milestone 750 Subscribers reached

    Wow!! very good man nice show
  11. Live Polarex

    Subscriber Milestone have now 70 gowing fast now ... my vintage telescope show !!!!!!!!!

    Thank you am planing to make telescope museum via youtube of this special telescope
  12. Live Polarex

    Channel Milestone yes am at 65 now ... thank you

    Thank you my telescope on youtube is going good now!!!! This is my 2 most important telescopes come and support my telescope museum ??????????????? the left telescope is found was in the middle of the forest - abandoned observatory found affer 20 years found again in norway have 2 videos...
  13. Live Polarex

    Gear Question PC OR MAC?

    pc is the best i have mac to ... but software is hard to put on it very frustrating
  14. Live Polarex

    Other Sneek Peek ?

    Hello have a big passion for polarex of unitron telescopes wow Soon on 26/01/2022 my new video is finished (( abandoned observatory )) can tell you this telescope was found ????? more can't tell you have to see it (( thank you )) on the left is my very rare polarex 5 inch and on right is my...
  15. Live Polarex

    Subscriber Milestone 60 Subscribers Now !!!!!!! only Need 940 Subscribers

    Have got 60 Subscribers now ... only need 940 Still to Go ... hahaha now lets have some fun? I only collect one Telescope is the polarex this company no longer exists have 2 very very i say again very very Rare telescopes polarex 132F and polarex 136 .... say again am very lucky thank you
  16. Live Polarex

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Want to see all my ((( Likes and dislikes )))

    Hello Tube Budduy Can you please make on extension-tools for ((( Likes and dislikes ))) will be supper ????? Thank you TubeBuddy
  17. Live Polarex

    Subscriber Milestone Hit 2k subscribers today. Feeling great.

    haha i have only 57 subscribers ... am happy for you .... hope i get more subscribers in 2022
  18. Live Polarex

    Subscriber Milestone Hit 2k subscribers today. Feeling great.

    Hi .... am from Auckland too ???????????? Don't you beging to laugh
  19. Live Polarex

    Channel Milestone Got (( 20,000Views )) the best Telescope show!!! on youtube

    Thank You For Looking .. SOON my my very very Ultra Rare POLAREX 5 inch Telescope will coom Soon ??