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  1. Kilisitina Oloitoa

    Answered why is my mobile app says upgrade except on my laptop?

    I upgraded to Pro on my mobile app, it took days to get upgraded. Now I have received a trophy, and its been upgraded but only on my mobile app. Why can't I see upgraded when I logged in on my laptop? my mobile is linked to my laptop. I have emailed the bot support and it was hopeless.
  2. Kilisitina Oloitoa

    I don’t know the answer

    ++=30 ++=20 ++=9 +x=?
  3. Kilisitina Oloitoa

    Whats your background?

    Samoan all the way baby ;)
  4. Kilisitina Oloitoa

    Need Advice Buying subs and watch hours

    Is buying subs and watch hours legal on YT?
  5. Kilisitina Oloitoa

    Entertainment Channel Hello Im Kilisitina im a newbie

    User name: Kilisitina Oloitoa Title of introduction: Hello Im Kilisitina Your name/ Alias: Kilisitina Oloitoa Where are you from? Sydney, Australia How did you find TubeBuddy? facebook What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? need informations how to grow my channel What would you like to...