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  1. Fleurdwi Cooking

    Channel Milestone 1500 Subscribers and monetized

    I haven't been super active lately but my Youtube channel is still growing. few views shy of 100k one of my personal milestones achieved and it feels great.
  2. Fleurdwi Cooking

    Comedy Channel i am a filipino and absolutely joker

    Hi there! welcome, this is an excellent place to gain knowledge and grow the channel!
  3. Fleurdwi Cooking

    My first video with paid promotion

    Hi everyone, I stayed at a paradise villa on the cliff of Nusa Penida with a stunning view of Bali on the horizon. I took the opportunity to harvest fresh aloe vera, and make this into a refreshing drink. Enjoy the video. View: https://youtu.be/xsUfnyaRWNc
  4. Fleurdwi Cooking

    Answered Sub4sub is wrong?Why?

    sub4sub gives you a bad statistic in: subscribers watching your videos this in turn tells YouTube, that your subscribers are not interested. promoting your video's less! (low CTR rate amongst subscribers, turns in to lesser promotions from youtube which turns into lesser views and less new...
  5. Fleurdwi Cooking

    YouTube SEO Should I SEO my older video's?

    it can hurt on already good performing videos. According to this thread on Google It can have a good or a bad influence: https://support.google.com/youtube/thread/11034079/will-re-editing-video-title-description-and-tags-affect-to-the-ranking?hl=en There is an example if you expand the topic...
  6. Fleurdwi Cooking

    YouTube Question how to earn

    official google documentation on How to earn money on YouTube: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/72857?hl=en
  7. Fleurdwi Cooking

    YouTube Help Despite for using every strategy ... I'm unable to get views, like; that I think I deserve

    Stay positive and believe in yourself! just like your thumbnails say. maybe re-strategize' the up and coming content and make an idea of the coming 26 videos. make it clear what kind of channel you have and entertain your niche audience.
  8. Fleurdwi Cooking

    TubeBuddy Is free tubebuddy good?

    The free TubeBuddy works more than just great. You can still get a lot out of it. There are some options available for content creators to try out the paid version. This opened up a whole new TubeBuddy experience.
  9. Fleurdwi Cooking

    This has the highest retention rate out 64 uploads

    This video shows few sceneries from Bali and my garden. Maybe because of the scenes the retention rate became highest. Anyways i am proud to present it here: and now with the link View: https://youtu.be/wyeoEeeMxYg
  10. Fleurdwi Cooking

    This has the highest retention rate out 64 uploads

    Hi all, I recently uploaded a new story/movie how I made a washing station / table for my vegetable (garden)
  11. Fleurdwi Cooking

    Channel Milestone 200 Uploads :)

    that's amazing, I am at 64 uploads so it will take me a while! but great to see. thanks for sharing
  12. Fleurdwi Cooking

    Need Advice How Expensive your Recording Setup?

    I use my phone, and a tripod worth 6$
  13. Fleurdwi Cooking

    YouTube Tips My story, strategy and journey to 1000+ subscribers. From making videos to learning algorithm, choosing Tubebuddy over vidiq

    Hi all, Browsing the forum for a few days I just wanted to share my story. It begins March 2020, when the pandemic was fully felt on the vacation island of Bali. With work cut, and a lot more free time and my phone (yes i use my phone to make the youtube content) I decided to try out becoming a...
  14. Fleurdwi Cooking

    Music Channel Beginner youtuber who needs lots of help

    i have found tubebuddy an excellent source of help with lots (tons) of material to absorb. browse around i bet you will find handy information at the tips of your finger
  15. Fleurdwi Cooking

    YouTube Question Stock Video Websites & Youtube Algorithm

    I have no experience, but i do see some videos that are around 7 minutes long, and out of those 7 minutes maybe 10 seconds are for memes, and such "reused" content. so it's still a huge (huge huge huge) part original self made content around it. best of luck, it's hard work.
  16. Fleurdwi Cooking

    Subscriber Milestone 25 in a Month

    congratulations! for me it also took about 1 month for my 1st 25 subs. keep on going!