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  1. Stanley OrchardBuddy

    TubeBuddy How To Get Your Video to Rank

    YouTube is a funny place. So many times I hear stories about how someone heard something somewhere and they get so completely entranced in that thing as pure Gospel truth. Rumors like this are rampant; things like the dislike button hurting your video (it doesn't) you can avoid copyright...
  2. Stanley OrchardBuddy

    YouTube Networks My Notes from the 'Expand Your Reach' Conference

    I recently had the privilege of attending the Expand Your Reach conference... after Vidsummit I had a lot of people asking me about the value of these conferences and what there is to gain, what do you learn... things like that. It is really hard to put a value on the conferences, mainly...
  3. Stanley OrchardBuddy

    YouTube News YouTube is Testing A New 'Search Insights' Tool

    It appears as though the YouTube Studio is going to get an update in the very near future which will contain a new insights tool that is going to provide details on what terms people are using when doing searches on YouTube. This data will reflect searches as they relate to your channel and...
  4. Stanley OrchardBuddy

    Beginning The New Year with a Giveaway!!!

    I do a giveaway on my channel every year... we hide clues in our videos throughout the entire season that nobody knows about and then we announce it and we are announcing our 2022 giveaway now! Watch the video for details if you are interested... There's a $50 gift card to the winner and if the...
  5. Stanley OrchardBuddy

    Forum News Is This The Place You Need It To Be?!

    Hello TubeBuddies and Happy New Year! We hope that you had an amazing holiday season and that you are ready to hit the ground running in in 2022… and we want to help you to achieve everything that you can! Which is why we need some input from you. How Can We Help You Better In 2022? One of...
  6. Stanley OrchardBuddy

    Official How to Post a TubeBuddy Feature Request

    Hello TubeBuddy Community! Check out this video on how to suggest a Feature: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHh5uDVhfvU&list=PLpzjxyndddwLprSjhChOvA-PzAE1QkuAC&via=tb Prefix: Let us know if you want the feature for all of TubeBuddy, The Forums/Discord Server, or Just the mobile app...
  7. Stanley OrchardBuddy

    Official Tips and Tricks for Collaborations

    Why should they collaborate with you: The single most important element of any collaboration; what value do you offer? Don't focus on sub counts... the number of subs you have is not the value in your collaboration. Your on screen persona, your skillset... these are things that are valuable...
  8. Stanley OrchardBuddy

    I Blew Up My BBQ Pit

    I was trying to film some B-roll for a catch and cook video... and ended up going just a little too heavy on the fire. View: https://youtu.be/0G-XpEZJtwE
  9. Stanley OrchardBuddy

    Official Milestone Section Rules

    Hello TubeBuddy Community, The Milestone & Accomplishments section is a place where you can brag about your milestones whether it is on YouTube or our very own forums! NOTE: This is NOT an advertisement section, but a place to showcase your latest achievements! What we want to see: If you are...
  10. Stanley OrchardBuddy

    Official TubeBuddy Year In Review!

    Get the ultimate nostalgic look back at your accomplishments from 2021 on TubeBuddy's Year In Review page: http://TubeBuddy.com/YearInReview
  11. Stanley OrchardBuddy

    YouTube Tips How to Translate Your Videos Into Different Languages

    One of the more valuable aspects of YouTube and Google is the unabated ability to get in front of a global audience. Never before could some random user make a product and put it in front of eyes on the other end of the globe... and today it can be done in minutes, for multiple countries and...
  12. Stanley OrchardBuddy

    YouTube Tips How Do I Get Seen On YouTube?

    So many people want to grow their channel... what they are really asking for is to get seen on YouTube. A more seasoned creator will ask how to get more impressions (as 'impressions' are physically the act of being seen on YouTube). This is a little difficult to explain as there are several...
  13. Stanley OrchardBuddy

    Official YouTube Discussion Section Guidelines

    Hello TubeBuddy Community, We have a many discussion sections, Which will have great conversations but please read this before posting! Some things to do in the discussion sections: Discuss what Each Discussion section is all about. Ask for suggestions on what to watch/read, or suggest...
  14. Stanley OrchardBuddy

    Official Community Forum Title Ladder (Earn a FREE TubeBuddy Upgrade)

    Hello TubeBuddies! We are proud to have a wonderful community, and we’re always looking for a way to give back. We’ve taken a look at our forum title ladders and found it to be incredibly bland. This is why we’ve revamped the title ladder with some added bonuses! Here is the title ladder...
  15. Stanley OrchardBuddy

    Official Going Full-Time on YouTube

    We all do videos for the love of what we do (at least I hope that is the case!). But at the same time there is an understanding that if we succeed there is potential to make a considerable amount of money from the videos that we do. We all see our favorite YouTube creators making what we...
  16. Stanley OrchardBuddy

    Affiliate Strategies Advice for New Affiliate This Holiday Season

    Starting off as an affiliate can be tough... ask anyone who started an Amazon Affiliate account and had trouble getting those initial sales before their account got deleted (I had to reopen mine four times!). This is one of those times when I would encourage you to have a little bigger view of...
  17. Stanley OrchardBuddy

    YouTube Opinion The Dislike Button and Why #BringBackDislikes is Stupid

    I went perusing Reddit this morning to see what people were talking about in order to get an article written for here and BOY did I step into a quagmire. Everyone is freaking out because YouTube recently announced that they are going through the process of removing the dislike button. I had no...
  18. Stanley OrchardBuddy

    TubeBuddy News Reserve National Bank of India News (Updated 12.13.2021)

    For our users who are currently located in India: Recently the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued a ruling that prevents the ability to sign up for subscription services which require automatic, and recurring billing. The TubeBuddy billing system is unfortunately set up in this manner, and...
  19. Stanley OrchardBuddy

    YouTube Tips What is a Good Retention Rate?

    Brought this back from Vidsummit, in my opinion the single most powerful bit of data I've seen in a long time. This comes directly from a presentation given by YouTube staff and reflects the Retention rates of the Top-10% of videos for each length. For example: If you make a 30 minute video...
  20. Stanley OrchardBuddy

    YouTube Tips Immediately Improve Retention on ALL Videos With This Trick

    A couple weeks ago I published what I considered to be the single greatest achievement in the history of mankind. I went on an amazing fishing trip, we saw a bunch of stuff that we've never seen before, I caught an almost-record fish and a species that I had never caught before. It was...