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  1. Duncan Allers

    Other Sometimes I feel like giving up! : unamused:

    Creating original content vs republishing makes me want to stop creating sometimes. For example. I created a 7min video which took 30 min prep, 7 min to record, 2hours of video editing, and then 30 min to publish and market. Got under 100 view. Then I published a soccer video clip that took 5...
  2. Duncan Allers

    YouTube Opinion Using Fiverr to promote videos/gain subs

    Has anyone used Fiverr to gain subs/video watches/likes?
  3. Duncan Allers

    Question Settings - Show/Hide features in browser extention

    Hi all, Just wanted to find out if I should tick the below two settings that are highlighted in green? What exactly is their function?
  4. Duncan Allers

    Vlog Channel Greetings from the 'tiny island' - I think I have a fairly unique channel..

    User name: Duncan Allers Title of introduction: Greetings from the 'tiny island' - I think I have a fairly unique channel.. Your name/ Alias: Duncan Allers Where are you from? I'm living in New Zealand but am originally from South Africa. How did you find TubeBuddy? YouTube recommended feed...