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  1. ASMRSadie

    Subscriber Milestone 8000 Subscribers!

    Only took 5.5 years and at long last over 8000 subscribers!!!
  2. ASMRSadie

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    View: https://youtu.be/0NUBM0Oplyc Latest video a haul
  3. ASMRSadie

    YouTube Opinion Are you a cheap or an expensive youtuber?

    I’m a mixture of both. Lol I film on my canon T7i which was over $900, sometimes using my 3dio mic which was pricy or even my beauty ring which was a few hundred. Just got a new lens too which wasn’t crazy expensive but also not cheap. Though I’ve been filming for over 5 years still have a ton...
  4. ASMRSadie

    Video Research What do you try to acheive while editing videos?

    I’m super new to editing. I’d like a professional video with good audio and visuals. Though I’m still learning a great deal. Just started adding an intro to my videos over the last few months. I created an outro the other day and added the first video today. I have been using iMovie to edit...
  5. ASMRSadie

    YouTube Help Do i wait to upload videos?

    I would just get started. If you plan on publishing a video a week upload the first one and keep at it. Once you get your first 20 you should start seeing growth from there.
  6. ASMRSadie

    Other Milestone Thank you TubeBuddy

    Thats awsome! Keep it up!!
  7. ASMRSadie

    YouTube Opinion Should Youtube do this?

    I do wish newer channels or lesser known ones could get out there more. But it does require hard work and you will see growth over time. Even just sharing your videos on other social networks should help you see a boost over time.
  8. ASMRSadie

    Need Advice What’s better to post?

    My channel has been around for a few years and I have found that posting longer videos helps with my rankings. I've read that the more time people spend on your channel the higher your channel ranks and the better it does in the long run. The old algorithm use to be about views now thats lower...
  9. ASMRSadie

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    My newest video posted today: View: https://youtu.be/3aWILptrBtk
  10. ASMRSadie

    YouTube Tips Here's The Truth: Your Content Just Might Suck But There’s Still Hope

    I couldn't agree more! Its all about finding and exploring what works for you without fear of losing your audience. I imagine throughout the years I lost some subscribers by trying new things but over time I got better at my techniques and gained even more.
  11. ASMRSadie

    Channel Milestone 2 million views!

    I reached about 2 million views around a week ago. All though YouTube studio seems to think it’s a bit more. Maybe due to deleted videos. Either way I’ll take it. :p
  12. ASMRSadie

    Subscriber Milestone Very Proud of myself

    Wtg and congrats! That’s quite the achievement.
  13. ASMRSadie

    YouTube Tips Here's The Truth: Your Content Just Might Suck But There’s Still Hope

    I agree I’m always trying to improve my videos. I know I have a ways to go before I’m able to post top quality content. But I do try reading articles, watching tutorials and applying what I’ve learned. Still room for improvement but I can see as time goes on little by little I’m getting better...
  14. ASMRSadie

    Need Advice Whats the #1 way you gained your subscribers?

    I kept posting videos and found several types my audience likes and kept posting similar videos. It takes time to improve and put yourself out there. And as many have said sharing on social media help too. I don’t have a huge following on social media but still it gets me views and sometimes...
  15. ASMRSadie

    YouTube Help Why is it so hard to get Discover on YouTube and how can get discover?

    Do you use the keyword tool with TubeBuddy? I always use it when I’m posting videos and it helps suggest good keywords for your videos. Another thing that helps me is sharing it on social media platforms, such as, my Facebook wall, page and groups, Reddit, Twitter etc.
  16. ASMRSadie

    Camera Gear Best Lens For Canon T7i

    Thanks for breaking that down that was actually really helpful. I think I’m going to look into the 24mm as you suggested. I’m still learning about lenses. Watched some videos on them but just showed several that youtuber used and not really informative as You broke it down. Ok thanks I will...
  17. ASMRSadie

    Camera Gear Best Lens For Canon T7i

    Does anyone know what the best lens for filming videos on a t7i? I use the standard lens that my camera bundle came with. I have read briefly on google that Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens is a good lens for shooting youtube videos. I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with that lens. Why is it...
  18. ASMRSadie

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    My latest video uploaded this morning: View: https://youtu.be/0EZt_lwiySA
  19. ASMRSadie

    Full gym tour video now available! A must watch for those who love checking out home gym tours and equipment!!

    That’s awesome! I’ve always wanted a home gym. Right now I live in a 699 sq foot, 1 bedroom apartment so barely enough room for me and my toddler. One day soon I’ll get a house big enough for one. Thanks for sharing your gym.