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  1. kitchen c/o ammama

    YouTube Question What have you done to gain new audience / like minded audience ?

    I know out there , there are many who will be interested to watch simple, easy , tasty , healthy & Traditional recipes but I don't know how to let them find me. Should I Introduce myself in others comments sections or post reels on insta or what to do ? I am unsure how to let others discover...
  2. kitchen c/o ammama

    TubeBuddy Mobile Suggestion Suggest tags based on Relevance / Score / Search Traffic In Mobile App

    The Title tells it. Add this in app also please - Suggest tags based on Relevance / Score / Search Traffic In Mobile App
  3. kitchen c/o ammama

    YouTube News New Audience Retention Feature - Key Moments

    I have heard about this few weeks back and today I observed this ... Have you also checked this ? What do you think about it ?
  4. kitchen c/o ammama

    Video Review Can this Video draw Audience keeping Language Barrier Aside ?

    User name: kitchen c/o ammama Title of thread: Can this Video draw Audience keeping Language Barrier Aside ? Self review: I wanted to make a special video which can be understood by everyone. I think I have made it good & Simple but I need feedback if there are any more elements I can add /...
  5. kitchen c/o ammama

    YouTube Question RPM in Analytics Revenue

    I saw this post this morning and realized that RPM is something NEW!! I have been Monetized recently and it has been since the start ( for me ) What is your take on this ? Is this a game changer ? How has it helped you ? For detail Video link of what is it , refer this link : View...
  6. kitchen c/o ammama

    Other Trending Topics On YouTube ( any Niche )

    The intention to create this post is to share knowledge / help others. Day to day life, we see many trending topics ; some belong to our niche and many don't belong to ours. This is a place to share those trending topics . Others can be benefited from your sharing. I started to observe "...
  7. kitchen c/o ammama

    Other Milestone Channel Monetized!!!!!!!!!!

    I just want to share this milestone with all of you - My Channel got Monetised !!!! I don't have any Tubebuddy Certificate for it ( I wish there is certificate for it ). Hope this post is not against rules .. :)
  8. kitchen c/o ammama

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Closing Confirmation pop up in SEO Studio

    Hi, In SEO studio, after doing changes to anything and then if you click on the " X" i.e Close button.. it immediately closes. My request is for a confirmation pop up before closing. I once re wrote the whole description after I accidently closed it. I hope I explained it clear.
  9. kitchen c/o ammama

    TubeBuddy Forum Suggestion Enabling " Change " & "delete" for every post / reply I do in the forums

    Hi ! I have faced this 2-3 times and I have observed others facing this. It might be my understanding mistake too. Sometimes I reply to any query in the forums and I find some mistake or I want to delete it ... then at places I find option to change / delete and at places I don't find option...
  10. kitchen c/o ammama

    YouTube Help Wierd but it is happening

    I have been observing this since last 5 days... Every time I reply a comment ... I have decrease in Subscribers Thursday I replied to 9 comments .. 9 unsubscribed Friday I replied to 3 comments.. 3 unsubscribed 2 days I gave gap Monday I replied to 11 comments... 11 unsubscribed Today...
  11. kitchen c/o ammama

    Subscriber Milestone 1000 Subscribers!!!!!!!

    Finally .. 1k Subscribers !!!! My first milestone post here !!
  12. kitchen c/o ammama

    TubeBuddy Excited about new Tubebuddy Recommended Tags Feature!! Has anyone tried it ?

    I just checked out latest video of tubebuddy where @Andrew explained about this new feature which especially help to improve old videos. I use chrome - pro version and I don't see it. I guess it is still in the process of approval. but anyone using firefox tried it ? or any update of this...
  13. kitchen c/o ammama

    Independence Day Special!!

    View: https://youtu.be/zVlWqagI3Ng
  14. kitchen c/o ammama

    Video Research What do you understand from this Audience Retention graph ?

    HI ! It's extremely Important to understand Retention graphs to understand our performance. I have started my research on it . This is an example of one of my video. All I understand that the Intro is not good and some parts are boring. What do you understand ? Can you Share your Retention...
  15. kitchen c/o ammama

    YouTube Question What's your Channel Niche ?

    I think one should be very Clear about their Channel Niche. So, I take this opportunity to ask everyone this question. Do you have the answer ? Another reason I am asking is for my normal analysis to see 1. How many people actually have the answer ? 2. Proportion ... I mean which kind of...
  16. kitchen c/o ammama

    YouTube Question At what time your Youtube Analytics starts as a new day?

    I am confused this since long. Everyday at 2:30pm, My Analytics refreshes and yesterdays data appears and it starts as a new day. Am I missing some settings ? or is it the same with everyone ? ( I am from India )
  17. kitchen c/o ammama

    Audio Gear Need Advice - Two Mics & One Input

    Hi ! Well, Let me brief you with my Problem. A month back I got my BOYA Lav Mic for my Grandma as per Community Suggestions and I am extremely happy with it . but In my Videos , Grandma & I both participate sometimes. If I act like me , then I don't need another mic . It catches pretty...
  18. kitchen c/o ammama

    YouTube Question Is there a way to choose your top 5 "Most commented" people?

    Hi, I have few standard Commentators on video who always show me support. I want to give back to them . Is there any way to choose my top 5 commentators? Or should I go through all of my videos and manually count ? Your tips / views highly appreciated.
  19. kitchen c/o ammama

    YouTube Question How Important are Subtitles / Captions ??

    I spend time writing Subtitles for my video so that any person who dose not understand the language can understand it. Sometimes it takes really time and I end up thinking " Is this really worth doing?" So, Please enlighten me. How Important is this activity ?
  20. kitchen c/o ammama

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Add Small Description below Recommended Tags briefing the color coding

    Hi, So, just like the way Tag score meaning is written In a Similar way, Color Meaning for Suggested Tags would be great.. Green = Yellow= Red= or a small brief what the colors means Varying from Green to Red. It would make it User Friendly. Hoping it is a good Idea.