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    Community I think I'm awful...

    In the photography world, we live by this. I believe this can apply to anything. Henri Cartier-Bresson — 'Your first 10000 photographs are your worst.' Keep doing it and learning from past mistakes and improve from there a lot of good tips here It's true now to use photos to tell in a thumbnail...
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    Opinion Does Anyone wonders what Mrs Beast and PewDiePie Analytics look Like?

    yeah if you love it enough just work on it because it never feels like work
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    YouTube Help How can i grow my Youtube Channel with Tubebuddy?

    the netflix example is great i used to be so worried not having an intro scene
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    Other How Was Your Naming Your YouTube Channel Dilemma?

    I am going thru the same thing now... haha... but I have this current online moniker I have been using for a long time since my active gaming days...
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    Opinion suggest me your favorite topic of science that you want to watch about.

    as a fan of the flash i love time travel and a little quantum physics XD
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    Gaming What is your favorite type of video games?

    monster hunter and pokemon and on mobile wise, games like mobile legends
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    Thumbnail Feedback Canva and picart are the best

    I have been learning Photoshop for a decade I would say for designs nowadays Canva is very fast and has the elements to use - but some stuff is definitely easier on Photoshop like doing layer masks and stuff
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    YouTube Question channelreviews.com for YouTube help

    Hi guys, Recently signed up for Pro here with the rising star offer and would to know if anyone signed up for the popup channelreviews? one time fee and I am not exactly what they do and I did read some threads here saying that they do analysis and also add competitor and compare your channel...
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    Life where is everyone from?

    Hi from Singapore!
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    Gaming What is your favorite game?

    mobile wise now mostly mobile legends and pokemon unite and a little of survival heroes - its a survival game like pubg with online rpg factors
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    Opinion Does Anyone wonders what Mrs Beast and PewDiePie Analytics look Like?

    i sometimes use socialblade to see them but I rather focus on my own channel now!
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    Life What is The reason behind your youtube channel ?

    sharing my interest and knowledge... in the midst of a rebrand but will do various content. bring value and entertainment first, money comes later!
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    Community Thumbnail overlay with dimensions and cutoffs

    hi there i suggest using canva too its pretty good =)
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    Entertainment Channel Hey from Singapore! Entertaining with various content

    User name: zerovalksg Title of introduction: Hey from Singapore! Entertaining with various content Your name/ Alias: YT Where are you from? Singapore How did you find TubeBuddy? A youtuber but forgotten which also through youtube research for ways to grow youtube channels... What made you join...