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  1. Doug

    Seeking Advice keyword non-letter characters

    This may be a stupid question, but... Does YouTube make a distinction between keywords like these: Game Title Let's Play Game Title Lets Play If you didn't catch the difference - it's the apostrophe
  2. Doug

    Gaming Channel Oh... Hello! :)

    Hi folks - I just realized I never did a proper introduction post. Just came in makin' suggestions. How rude. Sorry. :) Anyway... Hi! I'm DigDug - at least that's the channel name / persona. I'm building a gaming channel. I play all sorts of games, but spend most of my time with Roblox. That's...
  3. Doug

    Suggested Upload Default - add First comment.

    Hi folks! Dropping a first comment yourself often kick starts the conversation and encourages commenting so... I would love to see an addition to the upload defaults for "First Comment" where - at the risk of stating the absurdly obvious - the content creator could write a comment to post to the...