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  1. Paddle & hike

    Subscriber Milestone 1300 subscribers and over 150 videos out!!!

    1300 subscribers and over 150 videos out!!! Growing and growing.... Love to share all my adventures with you guys! Thanks for watching. Take care
  2. Paddle & hike

    Subscriber Milestone YEA!!! 1200 Subscribers !!!!!

    More friends the better! Always happy to make new friends.
  3. Paddle & hike

    Anyone into bushcraft & backpacking ?

    I have an outdoor channel.... With hiking, backpacking, kayaking, bushcraft, gear reviews, magnet fishing and more... If anyone's interested... Or have a similar channel.... Come and say hi :) would love to see your channel. Take care View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuIWHtfbreg&t
  4. Paddle & hike

    Subscriber Milestone 1.1K subs and 55k views !!!!

    1.1K subs and 55k views !!!! YEA!!!!
  5. Paddle & hike

    Top 10 hiking movies !!!

    Including Fiction, Horror, True story and Documentary. Take a look (i'm sure you didn't see them all) :) View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXeU5N9WIfA
  6. Paddle & hike

    Subscriber Milestone 1,100 subscribers !! Thank you :)))

    Just wen over 1.1k subs !! Thanks for your support. More friends the better :)
  7. Paddle & hike

    Channel Milestone 50,000 views !!!!! YEA!!!

    Already 50k .. thank you! I appreciate it a lot :)
  8. Paddle & hike

    Channel Milestone 45,000 views WHOOHOO!

    So grateful for this 45k views :) Thank you
  9. Paddle & hike

    Channel Milestone 40,000 views!!! AWESOME!

    Thanks to the ones who helped me reaching this...
  10. Paddle & hike

    Subscriber Milestone 1K WHOOHOO!

    I got my 1K subscribers!!!! whoohoo.... Now, let`s keep this growing and growing! Took me 18 months.... Not the fastest but still.
  11. Paddle & hike

    Channel Milestone Whoohoo! 35K views!

    Very happy... Working hard but it's growing. Thanks for watching.
  12. Paddle & hike

    Channel Milestone Two milestones!!!

    In less than couple days I got two milestones.... Very happy! Growing and growing... It's not SUPER BIG! but it's a great start :)
  13. Paddle & hike

    Subscriber Milestone Almost 1k.... YEA!!!

    Almost there... That is so cool :) Always fun to share my adventures with great viewers :)
  14. Paddle & hike

    Camera Gear Any good, inexpensive (camera) gimbal stabilizer?

    Any good, inexpensive gimbal stabilizer? I can't pay a fortune and well... I need stability. I'm looking for one for Point & shoot camera or DSLR (not cellphones) so this makes it harder. Any ideas?
  15. Paddle & hike

    Campfire 1 - Fishing 0

    Chillin' and Fishin' When you go fishing with a telescopic pen fishing rod (with a weak 5lbs line) and you catch bigger than expected... WELL... View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPwimZgkeA0&t
  16. Paddle & hike

    Small portable telescopic fishing rod

    Interested in a lightweight, telescopic, portable fishing rod? Well this review is about one :) View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLpS4MPC4Ro&t
  17. Paddle & hike

    Subscriber Milestone 900 subscribers!

    I'm very happy to be over 900 subscribers. 1K is closer... Always fun to have great viewers to share videos and comments with.