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  1. Oliver & Liz

    Gear Question Photo collage on a mac

    Admin please move to correct sticky if this question does not belong here. Does anyone know how to make a picture collage on a Macbook air?
  2. Oliver & Liz

    !Family-friendly content!

    Hey everyone I make family-friendly content with my kiddos. If you are looking for family-friendly content or know someone that could more quality semi educational content in their life, please click and share our link and make sure you subscribe for more of our shenanigans. Thanks for...
  3. Oliver & Liz

    Subscriber Milestone 85 Subscribers?! Oh My!!

    Hey ya'll I recently hit 85 subscribers! 28 days ago I was sitting at 73. Consistency is the key my friends.
  4. Oliver & Liz

    Editing Software Recording on non-apple phone but editing on iOS device

    Does anyone record on a non-apple phone but edit on an iOS device? If yes, what issues if any, do you experience?
  5. Oliver & Liz

    YouTube Question Comments not showing up on shorts

    I have a channel with my kids so 99% of my channel's videos have the comments turned off. I uploaded a shorts video and turned the comments on. I saw from the notifications that two people commented on the video, but when I click on the notification or go to the content list to click on the...
  6. Oliver & Liz

    Editing Software Production Crate

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to change the color of a transition I found on the site production crate. Does anyone know how to do this, or if it can actually be done? Many thanks!
  7. Oliver & Liz

    Answered Different member levels

    Hey everyone, Where can I find details on the different membership levels for tubebuddy?
  8. Oliver & Liz

    Family-friendly content =)

    Hey everyone! If you enjoy family-friendly content, check out our latest video where Oliver and Liz explore Disney Junior Bluey's house. Thanks for watching! :D
  9. Oliver & Liz

    Subscriber Milestone Holy cow I hit 25 subscribers with my family-friendly content!

    I'm just getting back into making content consistently so I'm thrilled with every single one of my 25 subscribers. Only 999,975 more to go! Good thing I'm in this for the long haul. Whew! I appreciate each and every single one of you from the bottom of my heart!
  10. Oliver & Liz

    Facebook Facebook Ads

    I have a my YT channel listed as a business on Facebook and each time I post something, FB sends me a promo to boost my post and $5 off FB Ads. Has anyone actually used FB ads? What were your results? Is it something you will do again? I don't plan on paying for ads for at least a year. I'm...
  11. Oliver & Liz

    YouTube Question Uploading HD video

    Hey everybody! I have a video uploaded in SD to YT already and it is currently processing HD. It has been over 12 hours of processing HD. I've never had it take this long for HD, it is only a 5 minutes video and I've recently upgraded my wifi speeds. So I'm wondering if anyone else has been...
  12. Oliver & Liz

    Holy Cow, it’s a family-friendly video!

    Hey everyone, My name is Donna and my kids and I make family-friendly videos. Our newest video is an unboxing of the Playdoh Kitchen Creations Ice Cream Playset and I’d love to get some feedback on it! If you like our video, please feel free to subscribe for more family-friendly content. =)...
  13. Oliver & Liz

    Gear Question Replacement part

    Hey ya'll! I'm trying to figure out where I can buy a replacement part that allows me to attach a ball head to the shiny metal bit at the end of my overhead tripod. I've attached a picture, any help (including the name of the metal shiny bit, and the name of the connector(?)) would be very much...
  14. Oliver & Liz

    YouTube Question Kid's YouTube

    Hey everyone! So I have a channel with my kids and all of our videos are marked "made for kids", which means no comments are allowed and the videos can not be saved. I'm looking to start a cooking channel (ugh yes yet another one hahaha) that will be kid-friendly but not specifically geared...
  15. Oliver & Liz

    Reddit Tubebuddy reddit?

    Hey everyone! So I heard that TubeBuddy has a community on reddit. Since it is private I was wondering how do I join? Is there some special super-secret code-worded message I have to send to the mods, and then sacrifice a tiny ant on the next blood moon? Or do I just have to send them a...
  16. Oliver & Liz

    Subscriber Milestone 20 subscribers so far!

    I'm a little late in posting this but even though I haven't made any content lately, I still managed to get 20 subs the other day. Woo-hoo!! :grinning:
  17. Oliver & Liz

    Subscriber Milestone 20 subscribers so far!

    I'm a little late in posting this but even though I haven't made any content lately, I still managed to get 20 subs the other day. Woo-hoo!!
  18. Oliver & Liz

    Vlog Channel New kids Youtube creator here!

    User name: Oliver & Liz Title of introduction: New kids Youtube creator here! Your name/ Alias: Donna(Mom of Oliver & Liz) Where are you from? United States How did you find TubeBuddy? Through a rabbit hole on youtube What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I recently started using...