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  1. Bertha Mukodzani

    How to Rebuild Your Life and Start Over

    Check the my latest video on starting over in life. Perhaps you've lost everything you've ever worked for, gotten a divorce or lost someone you relied upon and are having to start life afresh. If that's you, then this video will help. From someone who did it.... click link and watch Start over...
  2. Bertha Mukodzani


    Come to work with me. See what I do during my 12 hour shift. Check out my new nurse vlog. MY NURSE VLOG
  3. Bertha Mukodzani

    Gratitude to Attract Joy and Abundance Into Your Life

    Check out my new video. Please share Ways to express gratitude
  4. Bertha Mukodzani

    Attractive Personality Traits in a Person

    New video...How to become a people magnet
  5. Bertha Mukodzani

    How to forgive and let go of the hurt- new video

    Check out my latest video. Your comments would be appreciated on the channel Forgiving when they're not sorry
  6. Bertha Mukodzani

    Subscriber Milestone 180 Subs

    I know I shouldn't obsess Over subs, but I like to celebrate every milestone. 180 subscribers. On the road to 200. Check out my channel by the way and support if you fancy the content. Will be posting more henceforth. Take care everyone
  7. Bertha Mukodzani

    3 Things I'd Tell My Younger Self

    Advice to My Younger Self
  8. Bertha Mukodzani

    What they don't tell you about NURSING

    My new NURSING video
  9. Bertha Mukodzani

    My Salsa Dance Workout Routine

    Workout Video...Salsa Dance Routine
  10. Bertha Mukodzani

    Before you give up, watch this!

    Before you give up on yourself, watch this!
  11. Bertha Mukodzani

    How to develop a genuine personality...New video

    Hi all. Please check out my new video posted today. Watch, like, leave a comment How to be genuine and authentic
  12. Bertha Mukodzani

    Be the best version of yourself

    You're your own competition
  13. Bertha Mukodzani

    SELF-LOVE Habits New video

  14. Bertha Mukodzani

    My new video

    How to get through tough times
  15. Bertha Mukodzani

    My latest video on Confidence

    How to build Unstoppable Confidence and Inspire Others
  16. Bertha Mukodzani

    One of My Videos

    How to handle crisis and difficult situations
  17. Bertha Mukodzani

    My latest video- How I got 100 subs

    How I got my first 100 subscribers
  18. Bertha Mukodzani

    Channel Milestone 100 Subscribers

    I celebrate every milestone. Happy and grateful to reach this milestone
  19. Bertha Mukodzani

    Other Milestone 15 Uploads

    I remember my first upload and I was nervous and unsure but rearing to get started. With each upload, I feel better about my journey on YouTube
  20. Bertha Mukodzani

    How-To Channel Hello, I'm here to unleash my full potential!

    User name: Bertha Mukodzani Title of introduction: Hello, I'm here to unleash my full potential! Your name/ Alias: Bertha Where are you from? United Kingdom How did you find TubeBuddy? YouTube via Nick Nimmin and Roberto Blake What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I want to learn and...