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  1. Tom's Backyard Chats

    Subscriber Milestone A tense 60

    Well Done. Keep it going.
  2. Tom's Backyard Chats

    Question A/B testing

    14 Days I see Thanks for that, I had wonder about it
  3. Tom's Backyard Chats

    YouTube Question HIDDEN SUBSCRIBERS?

    I thought that was right. Thanks
  4. Tom's Backyard Chats

    YouTube Help Spam Subscribers?

    Well Said, and I completely agree. It's not always easy to get family and friends in the beginning. Much easier, later on, to bring them along.
  5. Tom's Backyard Chats

    Music Channel Hi I'm an affirmation/meditation channel

    dailyiam, Welcome. Just checked out your channel, Nice.
  6. Tom's Backyard Chats

    Business Channel I made motivational video

    Bangdu Motivational, Welcome. I love the Motivational stuff. As you know its all about the mindset and taking action. I wish you the very best with youtube. Inspire us all by going to the top with your channel.
  7. Tom's Backyard Chats

    Vlog Channel Welcome to my Channel!

    Hey Ethan. Welcome
  8. Tom's Backyard Chats

    Vlog Channel Nature lover

    Hello and Welcome
  9. Tom's Backyard Chats

    Channel Review Suggestions for Improvement?

    Hang In There. Keep moving.
  10. Tom's Backyard Chats

    Educational Channel I was the first psychology podcaster, staring in 2005

    Hello shrinkrap. Welcome, I am new here myself.
  11. Tom's Backyard Chats

    Lifestyle Channel Hello Everybody

    User name: Tom's Backyard Chats Title of introduction: Hello Everybody Your name/ Alias: Toms Backyard Chats Where are you from? United States, Mississippi How did you find TubeBuddy? on Youtube What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? It looks like something that can help me grow my...