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  1. Avocado

    YouTube Opinion Do You Take Time Off From Making Videos Ever?

    After about a year and a half, my family and I decided that it would be best to take summers off from making videos. So I don't burn out and can do more in life than just make videos. I am worried though, this is my first time taking such a long break. I hope my fans all come back and I didn't...
  2. Avocado


    User name: Avocado Title of thread: VIDEOS LIKE THIS MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD, HOWEVER... Self review: I love doing lip sync videos, however youtube hates it. I get copyright strikes. Should I do more and not fear the strikes? Or stop making them? Channel review or Video review? Video review...
  3. Avocado

    FEELING BLUE? Watch This!

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08X4aDLZklU This song is so fun and catchy I had to do a lip sync for it! The Eiffel 65 song I'm Blue (Da Ba Dee). Even though I am green, I can pretend to be blue for this song! Maybe a few other colors too! LOL
  4. Avocado

    YouTube Question Taking a Break?

    It has been a month since I published anything. My family and friends all said I needed to take a break. I was wondering, have any of you taken a break? How long did it last?
  5. Avocado

    Video Review Happy Memorial Day by Avocado

    User name: Avocado Title of thread: Happy Memorial Day by Avocado Self review: It is that time again. This is the video that really kicked off my b-rolling, the music fit so well in the b-roll. To the point sometimes I still go overboard. lol Does this video keep your interest? Channel review...
  6. Avocado

    My First Ever Intro Video for my Channel!

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzBnT1w44tU What do you think??
  7. Avocado

    Video Review My First Very Own Avocado Channel Intro!

    User name: Avocado Title of thread: My First Very Own Avocado Channel Intro! Self review: I actually hired someone to take my videos and make an intro. I tried doing it myself, but I felt like I needed a second opinion on the editing. What do you think of this intro? Does it work for you? Does...
  8. Avocado

    Hole In The Rock and the Papago Amphitheater

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbDCDlnTE3c Look at this giant hole in the mountain, it has such a beautiful view! I also visit a HUGE amphitheater and go for a nice hike! Hole-in-the-Rock is a natural geological formation in Papago Park, a municipal park of Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona...
  9. Avocado

    Video Review Visiting the Hole in the Rock and the Papago Amphitheater

    User name: Avocado Title of thread: Visiting the Hole in the Rock and the Papago Amphitheater Self review: Trying to be more engaging in the videos when doing the b-roll. I was thinking maybe adding a little lower third to add a little umpf. Thoughts on the video? Channel review or Video...
  10. Avocado

    Video Review How To Make A Youtube Studio - Avocado's Setup

    User name: Avocado Title of thread: How To Make A Youtube Studio - Avocado's Setup Self review: I made this video because I get asked what equipment do I use a lot. I am wondering what everyone here at TubeBuddy thinks of my set up and any improvements I could make? Channel review or Video...
  11. Avocado

    YouTube Question Harassment Comments and Death Threats :(

    I don't know what I did wrong, but since I started Youtube I have received some really mean and overall scary comments. Here is one example. Do any of you get comments like this? I would say every other video I make I get bad comments like this.
  12. Avocado

    How To Make A Youtube Studio

    How To Make A Youtube Studio View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VuFNv0uIBk I was inspired by TubeBuddy to show my setup, I hope you all like it and maybe learn something!
  13. Avocado

    Who wears their SUNGLASSES at night??

    Avocado - Sunglasses at Night Lip Sync View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNqAe42vZwM Here is my second video from Dec 2019! I was still experimenting on what my channel should be about. Then Youtube hit me with copywrite strikes because of the lip-syncing. So I only did a few...
  14. Avocado

    YouTube Question Has anyone used "Sprizzy" to grow your channel?

    Has anyone used "Sprizzy" to grow your channel? They claim to make you go viral, and they only use Google ads, so they are not fake views. Anyone with experience with them? Is it better to just do Google ads yourself and not a 3rd party?
  15. Avocado

    Video Review Please review of my LATEST - Murals of Phoenix - Tribute to Stan Lee & Prince

    User name: Avocado Title of thread: Please review of my LATEST - Murals of Phoenix - Tribute to Stan Lee & Prince Self review: I think it is missing that extra umpf. I can't figure out what I am missing in my videos that will break that wall. Maybe too much b-roll?? Channel review or Video...
  16. Avocado

    My Very First Video

    I broke all the rules. It is too short, no cards, no end screen, I didn't add keywords until a month later on it. I was really NEW to Youtube at the time. I have learned so much! Enjoy my first video. It's only 8 seconds long lol View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6InQe6sIrNY
  17. Avocado

    Answered Promotion Area Commenting?

    I know new users cannot post in the promotion area, but what about commenting on others videos? Wouldn't it make sense that we could comment to help users? Also many of us are still waiting to gain permission to post in promotion area. How long does that usually take?
  18. Avocado

    TubeBuddy Did everyone enjoy International Creator Day Yesterday???

    I never watched a LIVE stream that long before lol It was filled with helpful hints and strategies. Thank you TubeBuddy!
  19. Avocado

    Channel Milestone My 50th Youtube Video Milestone!

    It has been a long time coming! So happy! Here is to the next 50!
  20. Avocado

    YouTube Question Not Monetized... Yet Youtube Puts Ads on my Videos....

    Youtube now puts ads on my videos, I didn't ask them too. Now people will less likely watch my videos and click off. Is this a cash grab by them???? Can I opt out???