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  1. IanDominicTV

    Channel Banner Feedback Keeping it Simple for 2021

    I have decided that 2021, I want to be more minimalistic, but at the same time keep the fun image, so this channel art has been simplified. Let me know what you guys think!
  2. IanDominicTV

    YouTube Question What annoys you as a YouTuber?

    The thing that annoys me both as a viewer and a YouTuber is the way add the word Million to their view count on their livestream. For example, I saw someone on their livestream saying "Shout out to our 20 (their current view count) million viewers!" I don't know who coined the term of adding the...
  3. IanDominicTV

    Thumbnail Feedback Update on my thumbnail on one of my most popular videos

    A few weeks ago, I updated my thumbnail on my review for a headset that I bought a while ago. Here's the old thumbnail for comparison: Here's the new thumbnail: Which among these 2 thumbnails stood out for you? Let me know!
  4. IanDominicTV

    YouTube Opinion Running multiple channels on YouTube

    What are your thoughts, pros, and cons of running multiple channels on YouTube? For me, as long as you have enough time and a lot of effort, you will grow with multiple platforms. My pros of running multiple channels are the following: You can earn more money with multiple channels if those...
  5. IanDominicTV

    YouTube Question Question about CTR

    Has anyone on the very first video of a new channel had a near 240% Impressions CTR at one point in one video before?
  6. IanDominicTV

    Channel Milestone 400 SUBSCRIBERS!!

    Finally! After many months, I reached 400 subscribers!
  7. IanDominicTV

    YouTube Question Advantages and disadvantages of Premiering a YT Video

    I listed the advantages and disadvantages when Premiering a YouTube Video. If you know another advantage or disadvantage of premiering a video on YouTube, let me know. ADVANTAGES: You can chat with your fans in real-time Higher audience retention More views! DISADVANTAGES: It does not start...
  8. IanDominicTV

    YouTube Question Are the removal of dislikes normal?

    I noticed that some of my videos, there were dislikes but later it is removed. Is it normal?
  9. IanDominicTV

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnail of my latest video

    What do you guys think of my latest thumbnail of my latest video?
  10. IanDominicTV

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnail update on my second most popular video on my channel

    This is an updated thumbnail on my second most popular video on my channel. Let me know what you think!
  11. IanDominicTV

    YouTube Opinion The reality of VLCS Exchanges

    There is this Filipino YouTuber term that is commonly used and it is called VLCS or View, Like, Comment and Subscribe but in reality, they exchange those things in return of increasing numbers. HOW IT WORKS: You were asked to watch their video, give it a like, comment, and subscribe and in...
  12. IanDominicTV

    YouTube Tips How to take advantage of Trending Topics on Twitter for YouTube

    I would like to share with you some techniques on how to take advantage of trending topics on Twitter and get a lot of views. Some hashtags like #ThrowbackThursday for example, tend to be saturated, but specific hashtags like the hashtag used on my most viewed video on my channel tend to do...
  13. IanDominicTV

    YouTube Question Question about skipping ads on YouTube

    I have a question in regards to skipping ads. If I skip an ad on YouTube, would it affect the earnings?
  14. IanDominicTV

    Vlog Channel Vlogger from the Philippines

    User name: IanDominicTV Title of introduction: Vlogger from the Philippines Your name/ Alias: Ian Where are you from? Philippines How did you find TubeBuddy? I found TubeBuddy through some YouTube videos What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I joined this forum to learn more about...