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  1. Legacy

    Subscriber Milestone 7000 Subscribers!

    I got to 6,000 subscribers like 3 months ago, and now I am officially at 7000 subscribers! I'm not sure if 1,000 subscribers in 3 months is considered fast or not, but still either way I still reached the 7K milestone! Now going for 8,000
  2. Legacy

    Smash the Keyboard

    In this simple game you 1. Smash the keyboard with random letters (just don't make the string of random letters too long) 2. The person that posts below you has to come up with a phrase or sentence where each word starts with the letters above. 3. The phrase or sentence does not have to make...
  3. Legacy

    Tennessee Winter Storm 2021

    This is just a little bit of what I got this week when I got snow and ice. First I got a couple of inches of ice, and then when the second winter storm came around I ended up with 5-6 inches of snow. What I caught on camera was the beginning of all the snow. And it is a short video because I was...
  4. Legacy

    Life What did you get for Christmas

    Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! What did everyone get for Christmas? It’s not even 7 AM here yet , so I haven’t opened my gifts yet and will share later but am curious to what others got. So far I at least got some snow for Christmas.
  5. Legacy

    Subscriber Milestone 6,000

    I just got to 6,000 subscribers :) I got a screenshot on YouTube on my channel dashboard with my subscriber count at exactly 6,000 subscribers. This means that I have gotten more than 1,000 subscribers this year because I did not even quite have 5,000 at the beginning of this year :) and the...
  6. Legacy

    YouTube Question Dislikes As Soon as the Video Goes Up

    I was just wondering if anyone has ever experienced a time where you upload a video and then within 1-2 minutes of the video being up you already get a dislike? This has been happening to me lately on videos I've posted. I'll literally just get finished hitting "publish" and by the time I get...
  7. Legacy

    How to use Widgetsmith on iOS 14

    This is a video showing how to use Widgetsmith on the new iOS 14 update. View: https://youtu.be/TfdYl_R2Xkw
  8. Legacy

    How to Edit the Homescreen on iOS 14

    This is a video showing how to edit the Homescreen on iOS 14. There are some dislikes on this video cause when I first put up the video I misunderstood what people were actually wanting when they were searching how to edit the homescreen so I made another video after that showing how to make the...
  9. Legacy

    How to Create a Youtube Channel Banner for Free (video)

    I decided to post one of my videos here that might actually help some people on this website. I don't know why my voice sounds like that on the video, but it does not sound like that off camera lol. This video teaches a way to make a YouTube channel banner for free. Hope it helps!
  10. Legacy

    15 DIY LED Light Colors

    This is my newest video on showing different colors to make on the DIY setting on the LED Lights. Yes, I am aware that I accidentally put the name of a color in this video more than once, but I actually id mean to put those 2 purple colors in the video just one was suppose to have a different...
  11. Legacy

    Life Let's talk about the weather

    What's the weather like for you right now? For me it is currently 69F and a bit cloudy. It's not too hot now but it's also only 6:47 AM for me right now.
  12. Legacy

    Sunset Timelapse at the Beach

    View: https://youtu.be/TFgoo6hLAbU This is a sunset timelapse I filmed while I was at the beach this last week. Enjoy :)
  13. Legacy

    Other What are you reading

    This is similar to the “What are you listening to” topic, but this one talks about books instead of music. I’m currently reading a book called The 4400. It takes place after the ending of the 4400 show on Netflix.
  14. Legacy

    Intense, Constant Lightning Storm at the Beach

    There was such an intense lightning storm last night from like 12 AM- 4 AM, and the lightning was so constant that I could not resist getting some of the lightning on film. This video was not sped up in any way. View: https://youtu.be/RbCyGlQrzx8
  15. Legacy

    10 DIY LED Light Colors (Gemstone themed)

    This video was set to go up while I'm on the beach with my family this week. I made it before I left. These LED lights are popular so I've been making videos showing different colors to make on them, and this time I stuck to a theme of colors. All 10 colors that were made in this video are...
  16. Legacy

    Life What do you do on long car rides?

    I was just curious what everyone does on long car rides when they are not the driver? I'm curious because right now I'm in the car for the next 8-9 hours on the way to the beach. Right now I'm just listening to music and messing around with my phone because the car is capable of charging my phone.
  17. Legacy

    Entertainment Channel Legacy's Introduction

    User name: Legacy Title of introduction: Legacy's Introduction Your name/ Alias: Legacy Where are you from? South Eastern United States How did you find TubeBuddy? There's not really a specific Youtuber who I found TubeBuddy from but whenever I would search up like "How to get more...
  18. Legacy

    My Most Viewed Video - How to Fake a Fever in 5 Minutes (I know silly title, don't judge)

    I am sharing my most viewed video that I currently have on my channel called How to Fake a Fever in 5 minutes. Note that it was made before all this virus stuff started. This video was pretty much made for entertainment but I didn't expect it to get so many views haha.
  19. Legacy

    TubeBuddy Forum Suggestion Dark/ Night mode

    I think there should be a setting to change the skin of the forum to dark/ night mode like there is on apps such as discord.