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  1. Damon

    Need Advice How Expensive your Recording Setup?

    I have a pair of cinema cameras at $800 each, Ninja V recorder $500, Ninja 2 $200, vintage Canon FD lenses $300, lens filters about $100, Bechtec mic preamp $100, TASCAM DR60mkii audio recorder $200, pair of ATR 875R mics $200 each, monopod and tripod about $100 each, various lens mounts cages...
  2. Damon

    YouTube Question YouTube ideas.

    The fastest YouTube growth idea is not to grow fast.
  3. Damon

    Audio Gear What Mic you Use?

    Audio-Technica AT875R is my favorite microphone. It's a "shotgun" microphone, a short condenser mic used for video, news and independent film. I have two one for each camera. It retails for $170 at B&H. $220 if you buy the kit with a cable, hot shoe mount and shock mount. NOTE: The above link...
  4. Damon

    YouTube Question Stock Video Websites & Youtube Algorithm

    You should make your own original content. You can't have a name like "Content Is King" then ask about tricks to subverting TikTok's and YouTube's systems while you're just hacking stock footage. It is neither genuine, nor original. You're trying to come up with some scheme to fake your way onto...
  5. Damon

    YouTube Question Trending Videos vs Evergreen Videos

    I think there is a way to combine the two: My favorite news channel is Aero-News Network. All they cover is aerospace news. General aviation like motorcycling or fishing is seasonal. They have a summer and winter schedule. They also cover certain events every year. In the USA EAA AirVenture...
  6. Damon

    Need Advice I have 158 subscribers but my views haven't been the greatest lately. How can I get back on track?

    The only way to log some miles is to jump on the horse and start riding.
  7. Damon

    Does it hurt your channel to publish extra one-off videos in addition to your regular weekly videos?

    Na, just put it out there. Update/promo-event videos like that just crank'em out anytime.
  8. Damon

    YouTube Question Google not indexing my video for some odd reason. Why?

    That's why cranking out more videos I almost always a better solution than fretting over a single video. There's always going to be some kind of lag or quirk. Google and YouTube has an army working on these things. In the time it takes to worry over one video, you could crank out two or three...
  9. Damon

    Editing Software Switching editing software

    Hollywood hasn't given up on Davinci, so probably worth sticking to it. I use Lightworks, and have enjoyed it a lot. It too needs plenty of scratch space like @SILTHW says. All these programs will have glitches and quirks.
  10. Damon

    Need Advice How to gain views and subscribers?

    Yes, gaining views and subscribers is hard. Use the search button or read the other 40 million posts on the matter.
  11. Damon

    How to break loose a stuck fishing rod

    View: https://youtu.be/TE-tNRGAw6w
  12. Damon

    Need Advice The best places to promote your channel & videos?

    Yeah, look for forums in your niche. Forums very much like this one. For instance if your niche is quit making, go to the most popular quit making forums. Don't blast-spam-bot your videos! You need to take the time and become a part of that community or you will get ostracized. Be sure to obey...
  13. Damon

    YouTube Question How to get watch hours easily

    Success = doing the right things for very long periods of time. Your question(s) should be, "What are the right things to do?" and "How to I set about doing them for the next decade without burning out?" A person who asks either of those two questions is bound for success because they get it. A...
  14. Damon

    YouTube Question Should we avoid End Screens to raise Audience Retention Rate?

    Na, dude! Always throw up some kind of end screen. Anything to help people stay on platform. Why have them go to someone else's video when they could be watching your videos?
  15. Damon

    YouTube Question How to viral my YouTube channel

    Produce 150 to 1,000 well-searched, well-placed, properly SEOed, videos that catch and hold people's attention by attending to some want or desire for a specific audience.
  16. Damon

    YouTube Help Thinking of quitting

    Feedback requests should be posted in the feedback forum.
  17. Damon

    YouTube Question I'm I going to be band?

    Issue a disclaimer at the front of the video. And rate your video as dangerous materials, etc.
  18. Damon

    Need Advice When to redo #Shorts?

    Always make new original content.
  19. Damon

    Pinterest Who has has luck on promoting with PINTREST?

    I "use" Pinterest, but it doesn't generate much traffic for fishing content. However, for beauty content is could be great.
  20. Damon

    Need Advice Not getting enough views

    This is odd given the views of your other videos. I could be wrong, but it could be a weird algorithm thing where YouTube maybe throttling your channel just to see if people will still watch your content without them "pushing" it. I'm not sure where on the planet your are, but here in the...