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  1. Bitbat

    Gaming Channel Hi

    Hello! My name is Bitbat. Welcome to Tubebuddy.
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    Life OMG, We Just Had An Earthquake In Puerto Rico

    4.6 is not high, but i still can see why he felt the earthquake.
  3. Bitbat

    What was your first successful video that really took off?

    The first successful video that really took off for me was “all star but it's played on a toy radio”. Got over 1K views in a month. Sadly Our videos don't get that much anymore.
  4. Bitbat

    Movies Any fans of star wars?

    I go to every movie on early screenings. My heart pumps when the 20th century fox logo comes up. I swear i blink every 15 minutes because i'm that focused.
  5. Bitbat

    Life OMG, We Just Had An Earthquake In Puerto Rico

    What was it on the richer scale?
  6. Bitbat

    Who Can Post Last?

  7. Bitbat

    Community What are your favorite games that have not been received well by critics?

    What are your favorite games on both console and pc that haven't been rated the best, but you still enjoy them? For me, it was Super Paper Mario. I actually liked playing without the attack part, and it wasn't like your ordinary super paper mario game. I still remember i am stuck on world 8-3...
  8. Bitbat

    PC Gaming What mic should i use???

    HIGHLY reccomend the blue yeti. You can use audio editing programs and adjust the gain so there is almost no noise. You can hear voices loud and clear and is a multi-purpose mic, meaning that it has multiple modes for things like podcasts, singing, or even reports!
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    Movies Have You Ever Experienced 4D?

    What about the ride Guardian/Zombies? I think that's 4d.
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    Movies Any fans of star wars?

    I've been a huge fan since i was 9 years old. I have a poster in my room plus a tin sign and a costume. I also have a couple of remote-control droids and did dress up as numerous star wars characters during halloween. Anybody else a fan of star wars?
  11. Bitbat

    Lifestyle Channel Hello! I'm Pauline Newman from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

    Hello! I do martial arts to! Nice to meet you :D
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    Question How Difficult Is It To Be A Youtuber For You?

    Most of the things are a lot like windows. Linux has a brain , called the kernel, and since it derives its code from open source millions of people are contributing to it. You don't install things using a installer, you install it via the apt-get install command. In terms of the terminal, it is...
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    PC Gaming Mac or PC game?

    on top of that you can only develop objective c applications with a mac
  14. Bitbat

    Vlog Channel Hello everyone

  15. Bitbat

    About to make a tubebuddy video

    Trust me, she know's what she's doing. She's been working hard on her channel for 4 years and helps other people achieve that same goal . ;)
  16. Bitbat

    Question What steps can i take so i can be successful in my first video?

    Ok guys, i have been a poster here for most off topic forums or something like that, but i am planning to make my first video and upload it with the help of @TanookiAlex. I am planning to upload a video with some basic tips and tricks and also how to play the game. The video is...
  17. Bitbat

    Vlog Channel Life of Overseas Workers and more

    Hello and welcome to tubebuddy. Hope you like it here
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    Question Which Green Screen is better to Stream on Gaming?

    The "chroma key" effect i find can remove pretty much any background if you click on it in Premiere pro. Works really efficiently.
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    Question How Difficult Is It To Be A Youtuber For You?

    I love linux due to its open source programs i can learn coding off of and how a lot of the programs are free!
  20. Bitbat

    Gaming Channel SquaddySquad reopens for more chill, funny YouTube gamers

    Oof i'm in Canada and cannot install steam on my computer. However i have a steam account, so dont worry