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  1. Aaron

    Community What are your favorite games that have not been received well by critics?

    Anthem has been receiving a lot of hate and I'm a huge fan of it.
  2. Aaron


    My guess would be 1000 as that is the minimum amount of subs required to gain Monetization.
  3. Aaron

    Movies What's your favorite color/favorite kind of Lightsaber?

    I actually do have a saber collection... Slowly growing but I love Star Wars ;). Currently my collection consists of my Red Darth Maul Replica, My Green Saberforge Phoenix and my Green Saberforge Katano. If I had to pick a favorite blade color it would be Green but I'm also quite a fan of Red ;)
  4. Aaron

    How-To Channel I'm Razz, and I tend to mangle metal...the rusty stuff and the music.

    As someone who is extremely into the automotive world I find you to be a pretty cool sounding person ;). Welcome to the forum :D! Would love to see your sim racing setup :)!
  5. Aaron

    Question How did you guys start learning video editing?

    First editing experience was Windows Movie Maker in like 2007 I think but my first proper training was iMovie in High School. After that I've self taught most of what I know about editing via help from books/YouTube/friends.
  6. Aaron

    Movies Have You Ever Experienced 4D?

    Shazam is going to be on 4D? O_O That sounds... interesting?
  7. Aaron

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

  8. Aaron

    Beauty Channel Hey I’m Bridget from

    Welcome to the forums :)! I've got a friend from Trinidad :) seems like an interesting place.
  9. Aaron

    Entertainment Channel hello people

    Greetings fellow earthling! Welcome to the forums :). You should give this a look over as we would love to know more about you.
  10. Aaron

    Music Channel Hoping to share myself the best way I can through music!

    Welcome to the forum! What genres of music are you mainly into? :)!
  11. Aaron

    Community Best Game You've Played on your YouTube Channel

    I love sims!!! I'm also quite enjoying Anthem. Have you heard of the game Turok? Seems like something you may enjoy :).
  12. Aaron

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

  13. Aaron

    Music Channel Just a fellow Human wanting to tell you a bit about myself

    I actually really like the two originals you have posted ;) Really similar to the kind of stuff I listen to while I do my photo editing. How did you learn to do that? I've messed around with audacity here and there but you must be using something like fruity loops or logic? :o
  14. Aaron

    Music Channel Just a fellow Human wanting to tell you a bit about myself

    Welcome to the forum :)! Happen to be a Zildijan user?
  15. Aaron

    Community Best Game You've Played on your YouTube Channel

    It's been a long time since I've posted gaming content... Back in 2010 I made World of Warcraft content which did okay... I haven't made gaming stuff since that except for private videos or livestreams.
  16. Aaron

    Video Review advices

    I can't bring myself to watch gaming without commentary... at that point I'd rather play a game myself. However I must say when I heard the mario jumping sound effect I just started laughing :joy: Assuming this is a battle royale game... Never seen this specific one so thanks for giving me a...
  17. Aaron

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

  18. Aaron

    Question Who is your favorite YouTubers and what type of content do you come up with?

    I do occasionally watch people like Nick's brother Dee however most of my time on YouTube is spent consuming entertaining content and not educational content. When I do watch educational content I usually keep it inside the media/tech realm of things. I don't like using my spare time to deep...
  19. Aaron

    Movies Captain Marvel Review (Possible Spoilers?)

    I'd place the following text from your post in a spoiler tag: Other than that I see no potential spoilers.