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  1. Bertha Mukodzani

    Need Advice Hi there I'm just a BEGINNER.can anyone help me, or someone can give me an advice to grow my channel? Thank u in advance

    Watch videos on YouTube by people like Nick Nimmin, and Roberto Blake. They've tonnes of knowledge and their channels are dedicated to that. Good luck
  2. Bertha Mukodzani

    Other Milestone 15 Uploads

    I remember my first upload and I was nervous and unsure but rearing to get started. With each upload, I feel better about my journey on YouTube
  3. Bertha Mukodzani

    Need Advice How do I keep a consistent schedule?

    I work full-time as a nurse and finding time to make videos can be a real challenge. I'm still quite new to YouTube but I've realised it's easy to get a burnout. I'm also planning to shoot videos for my library when I get time off so that on the days I'm too exhausted from all the shifts, I can...
  4. Bertha Mukodzani

    Need Advice External audience

    Thank you for this
  5. Bertha Mukodzani

    Need Advice External audience

    What counts as external views please?
  6. Bertha Mukodzani

    Channel Review What do you think about my channel?

    User name: Bertha Mukodzani Title of thread: What do you think about my channel? Self review: Started YouTube a month ago. Got more views initially, now on the decline. All stuck at same subscribers. What am I doing wrong. Channel review or Video review? Channel review Link to channel...
  7. Bertha Mukodzani

    Stuck on the same amount of subscribers

    Me too. Have you tried Facebook (groups)and LinkedIn? I also WhatsApp my videos to some groups. Every little helps but it's hard
  8. Bertha Mukodzani

    YouTube Question How do you get your first subscribers

    Indeed. That's what I do as well. By the way, love your travel videos
  9. Bertha Mukodzani

    Channel Review I need an honest review on how i can improve my channel

    Glad you're now back on your channel and feeling motivated. Loved your energy
  10. Bertha Mukodzani

    Channel Review How to get more subscribers to this channel?

    I'm also new to YouTube and learning. Wish you the best
  11. Bertha Mukodzani

    How-To Channel Hello, I'm here to unleash my full potential!

    User name: Bertha Mukodzani Title of introduction: Hello, I'm here to unleash my full potential! Your name/ Alias: Bertha Where are you from? United Kingdom How did you find TubeBuddy? YouTube via Nick Nimmin and Roberto Blake What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I want to learn and...