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  1. TheShihTzuFamily

    Subscriber Milestone Almost at 900 Subscribers!

    Closing on 900 Subscribers wanted to say thank u tubebubby for the help with keyword next Milestone 1K
  2. TheShihTzuFamily

    YouTube Question What more important VIEWS or AVD?

    What more important to u? Getting views but a low AVD or High AVD but no views?
  3. TheShihTzuFamily

    YouTube Question Affiliate marketing!

    Do u guys use a Affiliate marketing! and why? do u find it to be successful?
  4. TheShihTzuFamily

    YouTube Question How often do YOU upload SHORT video?

    The shorts video is the next big thing happen to YouTube soon or later it going to over take long video! Do you think YouTube short is a good thing? and why!?
  5. TheShihTzuFamily

    YouTube Question How many channel do u run!

    How many channel do u run??? right now I have two channel running it super fun to do and challenge at most! we hoping at the end of year we will have another one add to the list! What about u guys and why?
  6. TheShihTzuFamily

    YouTube Question What more important to you getting subscribers or views?

    The reason I ask I see a lot of YouTuber who want that golden 1,000 subscribers or rush to get those subscribers but never want those views! To me view are the most important part to help with your channel or to meet new youtuber! what you guys thinks?
  7. TheShihTzuFamily

    Thumbnail Feedback What u guys think about this thumbnail?

    I feel like the thumbnail need to improve! what u guys think it about amazon dog products
  8. TheShihTzuFamily

    Entertainment Channel Hello everyone hope u guys having a wonder day and I'm new here!

    User name: TheShihTzuFamily Title of introduction: Hello everyone hope u guys having a wonder day and I'm new here! Your name/ Alias: Jason Where are you from? Louisiana How did you find TubeBuddy? YouTube video What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? how to grow on YouTube What would you...