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  1. TheShihTzuFamily

    Need Advice Are watermarks worth it?

    This is what goggle say: Not only does watermarking help with video theft protection, but a watermarked video will help increase brand recognition. By adding watermarks to every YouTube video, viewers will consistently see your brand and associate it with your video content.
  2. TheShihTzuFamily

    Subscriber Milestone Just Reached 100 Subs :)

    Congrats!!!! Keep it going!
  3. TheShihTzuFamily

    Need Advice Ranking in search occasionally but not getting views

    The best way to see if that video is rank is to check your IMPRESSIONS on that video if that number keep going up then viewer are seeing your video but not click on it.
  4. TheShihTzuFamily

    Need Advice How important is tags? Isnt it minimizing the search.

    Creator Insider did a video on Tags just don't remember which one and Check your video u upload go down on SHOW MORE look at tags tell me what it say!?
  5. TheShihTzuFamily

    Need Advice How important is tags? Isnt it minimizing the search.

    Tags do nothing to help the video to get views! KEYWORD in title and description and saying those KEYWORD or TITLE in your video help the Algorithm to understand what your video is about so it can show the right video to the right viewer!
  6. TheShihTzuFamily

    Vlog Channel I would like to find like minded people to collab with people with love for animals.

    Go on YouTube Studio , go down to Customization , on layout go to featured section to add section , Click on Featured channels then go Edit section contents and type in the YouTube name who you want to featured! Hope this helpful!! Can't wait to see u grow
  7. TheShihTzuFamily

    Subscriber Milestone Almost at 900 Subscribers!

    Closing on 900 Subscribers wanted to say thank u tubebubby for the help with keyword next Milestone 1K
  8. TheShihTzuFamily

    Instagram What is the best social media that helps to grow a youtube channel?

    Facebook page, TikTok, Instagram for the reels and picture! and Another YouTube channel
  9. TheShihTzuFamily

    YouTube Help How does making shorts work?

    On my other channel shorts are doing great I gain 33 subscriber and views for this month is 13.4K once u get the beta on your phone it will say Create a short so don't have to put #shorts in title or description
  10. TheShihTzuFamily

    YouTube Tips Long Tail Keywords always Better??

    Check out on YouTube call Channel Makers he made a video call Tubebuddy & VidIQ Hope this help u
  11. TheShihTzuFamily

    YouTube Tips Long Tail Keywords always Better??

    No and No because it scores high that doesn't mean that what viewer are searching for! Keyword explorer is only good for beginning who don't know what to do on YouTube.You have to make your titles and thumbnail as Great for viewer to click on!
  12. TheShihTzuFamily

    YouTube Tips Long Tail Keywords always Better??

    well if you uses it for tags then it useless tags do nothing to help with the video! but if u uses for title and description short keyword work best! If I was making a video how to train a puppy to do tricks im not going to call my title PUPPY TRAINING! I'm going to call it HOW TO TRAIN YOUR...
  13. TheShihTzuFamily

    YouTube Question Do you mind negative comments about you and your YT channel? Are you bothered about getting a dislike in your videos?

    A like or dislike or to any from a comment is seem by YouTube is call engagements I will not delete those comment! Just give them a red heart and type thank you!
  14. TheShihTzuFamily

    YouTube SEO Why SEO is important

    SEO stand for Search engine optimization this with KEYWORDS in your title and description will help the algorithm to rank your video in Search
  15. TheShihTzuFamily

    YouTube Opinion Do you prefer views or audience retention?

    I think views are better. Million view with 2 min AVD is whole a lot better then 100 views only with 5 min AVD