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  1. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Question I get views and subs even likes but would it kill them make a comment and give a little feedback thats all i have wanted for over year now

    Oh man... if you want comments you gotta seed them. Ask questions... give them an opportunity to be a part of the experience! It really helps to give the viewer the first step towards engagement.
  2. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Question How Do You Find Time To Be A Content Creator?

    Yeah... absolutely. In fact this is one of the biggest hurdles I face. I'm great at batching my work and repurposing my content, so I can make a lot out of a little. That really helps and for anyone who doesn't batch you need to. Period, bar none. Learn to batch. Batch film, batch edit and...
  3. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Opinion "Video Starts At" Rant

    You absolutely nailed it. And that is the sticking point, that is why I get animated about that one. I might not be the best at it, but I am trying to tell a story. I am trying to immerse the viewer in the experience. I'm not just dumping a lucky clip I caught on a company fishing trip with...
  4. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Question Harassment Comments and Death Threats :(

    For starters @SILTHW nailed it... use this as an opportunity to beef up the filters. There is no reason at all why a comment like this should reserve any space at all in your head. It doesn't deserve the real estate. In circumstances like this I would file a report with YouTube... the sort of...
  5. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Opinion "Video Starts At" Rant

    I agree with this... but it is a hot-button issue in my opinion and despite agreeing I am going to rant about the single time that it happened for me. We did a fishing video and the thumbnail and title were centered around this really big shark that we caught on a fishing trip. Naturally the...
  6. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Tips Upload videos everyday

    I disagree... here's why: A subscriber is a human being. They are someone who is literally on their phone scrolling through videos to find something to watch. And they are not sitting there and double-checking whether or not you posted yesterday and the day before. What is relevant is that...
  7. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Question Still don't understand how Impression and CTR works

    You also have to take into consideration that YouTube has us all broke up and categorized into our viewing habits. And they are sharing you our to various audiences... and they don't always get it right. Or sometimes they do, I don't know. The bottom line is that those impressions are the...
  8. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube News YouTube Subscriber Cull

    It's been my understanding that the culls don't all happen for everyone at the same time. They got you that day, could be me today. That having been said damn man... I've never seen someone get hit so hard. They really took a chunk, sorry.
  9. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Help Help me beat the algoritm

    I think that this incorrect point of view is an inherent issue for so many creators. Why does everyone want to game, hack and trick the algorithm? It is put in place and perfected specifically for the task of surfacing videos to videos... you could not ask for a system more specialized in the...
  10. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Help Help me beat the algoritm

    and how well they convert additional views. Watch time is a metric we all see but what we don't see is Studio time and this is a metric that YouTube monitors. If a video causes a viewer to watch other videos that original video gets credit for starting a binge session.
  11. Stanley Orchard

    Answered PAYMENT

    Please email support@tubebuddy.com so we can take a look at your account and get this fixed.
  12. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Tips How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work

    Happy to help and thank you!
  13. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Tips How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work

    That is exactly the moral of the story.
  14. Stanley Orchard


    That is encouraged, you should be promoting your work outside YouTube. However, it is not encouraged for the sake of views, per say. Social Media is a means of marketing your work. It allows you to reach new audiences but more importantly it allows you to provide extra value for your existing...
  15. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Question How does watch later help the channel?

    You are absolutely correct about this... but I would like to clarify one point. That is incorrect about the 30-second rule for a view... at least mostly. A view counts as soon as the viewer clicks/taps on the thumbnail. In fact there is some viewership metrics associated even when a video...
  16. Stanley Orchard

    How can i grow my channel pls?

    Ah, this was so well written until you had to go and throw a spam link into it
  17. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Tips Breaking 4k: Tips On Getting Your Watch Hours

    Ooooohh... but I gotta say 'Captain Orchard's YouTube Academy' has a nice ring to it lol
  18. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Tips Breaking 4k: Tips On Getting Your Watch Hours

    Of course I have... anybody who has ever made a YouTube video has considered at one time or another starting a 'YouTube How To' channel lol. I was just never able to determine my niche. I considered doing YouTube How-To content specifically for Outdoors creators and even tried a few videos out...
  19. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Tips How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work

    You are absolutely welcome, thank you!
  20. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Tips How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work

    Well said, I totally agree! And thank you sir!