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  1. originalraith

    30-Minutes of the Best Motivation - compilation videos youtube - youtube tips

    View: https://youtu.be/vTjG4vJuI4U it is 30 minutes but it has some real wisdom on how to grow on the platform. its a compilation of my best engaging videos, with one of my fav games when ps1 came out :) warm regards Raith
  2. originalraith

    Twitter Any secrets?

    How do you gain followers on Twitter?
  3. originalraith

    Answered Vid2vid what is this promotion?

    so another question Vid2vid what is this promotion? where does my vid get promoted, what does this do etc etc
  4. originalraith

    Video Research Tags?

    So anyone can answer this I saw a post saying that this lady got x amount of views thanks to TubeBuddy. so when you get suggested keywords do you put ones with numbers in and is it higher the number the better? Just need some advice before I record my next video and edit it? If so ive been doing...
  5. originalraith

    YouTube News New tubebuddy update

    Hi guys great job with the update :) love it the seo score is awesome warm regards Raith
  6. originalraith

    Video Research Backlinks? Video advertisments

    What I want to know is does anyone use these methods to promote their content?
  7. originalraith

    Declined TubeBuddy MCN

    WHAT IF TubeBuddy? was an MCN? thoughts people
  8. originalraith

    YouTube Opinion Growth formula

    Hi all Raith here Is there such thing as a Growth Formula? let the discussion begin
  9. originalraith

    YouTube Opinion Watchtime hours are a JOKE!

    So I've done my research and 4000hrs watch time hours is 240,000 minutes What a joke!!
  10. originalraith

    YouTube Question live Stream?

    So ladies and Gents Raith here When do you start a live stream? is it when you have a community or whether you just go for it and see what happens? What are your thoughts?
  11. originalraith

    YouTube Question Community Building

    Hi Guys Raith here Ive made a video about building a community for gamers, but I want to know your thoughts go for it
  12. originalraith

    How-To Channel A Youtube advisor of 10 years and see changes

    User name: originalraith Title of introduction: A Youtube advisor of 10 years and see changes Your name/ Alias: Raith Where are you from? I am from a channel island called Guernsey How did you find TubeBuddy? I found TubeBuddy via a 2015 @BrainGTV when he began What made you join the...
  13. originalraith

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Video Viewer card creator and end screen editor

    Would love to see a Video Viewer and an up to date key research on specific nechies